Here at Crunch, aside from the content that we share on our platform, we want to provide more meaning and intentionality in creating a comfortable space for you to learn, share ideas and network with like-minded people. We do this through our virtual and on-ground workshops and events.

Come join us, we promise that you’ll have a fun time!

How do you create a memorable brand worth returning to?
In this session, Leanne Saw from mm.pixel studio will be sharing with us how you can make an impression with your online business website or web store, optimise your online business’s website or web store with a suitable design for your brand and more!

Hosted on the first Monday of every month from 8AM-9AM, Crunchin’ Mondays is designed for the goal-getter in YOU. Join us for some quality goal-planning and reflections; let’s get a head start first thing in the morning, before the month begins!

This cosy Crunch Community event is hosted on the first Friday of every month from 8PM-9PM. If you’re looking to get more into reading or expand your horizons, this session is a casual and fun event to join!

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