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Working Out Alone or With A Friend: The Pros and Cons

So you are looking for a more productive workout. You see people in the gym working out either alone or with a friend, but which one is more effective?

I guess the answer varies from case to case basis, depending of your characteristics and habits.
Before you decide, let’s look at the pros and cons of working out with a partner vs. alone.


Working Out With A Friend

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1. Motivation

Having a friend to workout together gives you more motivation. When you are feeling lazy, your buddy can help motivate you. When your buddy doesn’t feel like working out, you help to keep each other on track. If you are a gym newbie, having a friend will give you extra courage and not be so intimidated to hit the gym.


2. You get a companion.

If you are not someone who particularly loves to workout, having a companion with you might reduce the dread you go through to force yourself to get to the gym.

Throughout the session, you have someone there with you to make the session more enjoyable.


3. Support

If you are lifting weights in the gym, it is always good to have someone who can keep an eye on you. Reason being, sometimes you would need support for those extra reps, having somebody to support you not only reduces risk of injuries, it also creates a mental support.

When you know you are being looked out for, you would be more open for challenges and become more confident in pushing those extra reps.

Also, if you are going with someone more experienced, your friend will be able to point out to you any mistakes in your form and preventing any unnecessary injuries.



1. Too many distractions

Sometimes, having a friend to workout together can be a distraction, especially if you end up chatting and joking around instead of focusing on the workout.

Or worse, instead of pushing each other further, you might end up tempting the other person to skip a workout just because you are feeling lazy. This will create a counter productive

workout regime.


2. More time needed for a workout session

We often spend longer time in the gym if we workout with a partner. Most of the time we have to wait for our friends to finish their sets before we can start a new set.

When you choose to workout with a friend, you might also come across problems like finding a time in which both of you are available, and might waste time figuring out the logistics instead of being able to just workout as and when you want. And sometimes, you’ll just call the plan of.


Working Out Alone

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1. No distractions

When you are working out alone, there will be less distractions. You can fully focus on the workout you set out to do, utilising the time carved out for workout, 100% for its purpose.


2. Workout more efficiently

When you workout alone, you don’t need to wait for anyone or be accountable for anyone else but yourself. You are able to do any sort of workout on your own at anytime and anywhere you prefer. You basically have full control of your own workout session.



1. You might be tempted to slack.

There are some days when you might not feel like working out at all. If you have no one there to cheer you on or keep you accountable, you might convince yourself to just skip the workout. In the long run, you might be demotivated to keep up to a committed workout routine.


2. Progress might be slower

Guys who wants to build up more strength might not be able to see major progress. We often need someone to support us during strength training, and provide support if needed. Knowing there is someone there with you, you will be more courageous to challenge yourself with heavier weights, thus gaining more strength.


It’s really a matter of mental strength, when a friend is supporting you, you feel safer.

Ultimately, there is no one size fits all. Before you decide, ask yourself a few questions:
– Are you the independent and self-motivated type?
– Are you the type that needs extra encouragement?
If you are independent and like doing things alone in fast pace, working out alone is pretty much the answer & you could ask someone to support you when you need to. If you need someone to motivate you, then get a friend to the gym with you, but make sure you focus on the workout instead of being distracted! 😉

Here are some workout programmes you could do and have fun with or without a pal:

Kayla Itsines’ BBG Workout To Get You Ready For The 12 Week Challenge 

Kayla’s workouts are designed to be quick but high-intensity making it suitable if you have a busy lifestyle. She has a variety of workouts – be it if you like working at home or at the gym or even if you’re having a baby!

Yoga with Adriene 
I think whoever who has followed through a few videos from Adriene will vouch for this.
Her yoga videos are not just about bringing you through all these flexible yoga poses. She guides you through an entire mindful experience, helping you re-calibrate not just your physical self, but your entire mood as well.
Another plus point, her channel is suited for people who do not particularly like high intensity workouts, as she is very gentle and kind throughout the session, giving you a lot of space to explore a session that you are comfortable with.
Have fun working out!

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