Love Vintage & Film Cameras? Here’s Where You Can Get Them


You’re probably thinking, this is it—the final item you need to complete your aesthetic—a vintage film camera! Even if you aren’t, now you are! One can’t deny that these old blocks do a really good job at capturing vintage photographs.

Why are some people so obsessed though with this retro way of taking photographs? It’s because some photographers may be more in love with the method and process of film cameras! Digital cameras are handy as you can take up to 40 or more shots a minute. However, these bad boys keep you excited whilst waiting for your photos to develop in a darkroom.

Many people love the grainy and high contrast appearance it gives off. Plus, film cameras allow you to be more ‘in-the-moment’ as you want to make the best of each shot considering the limited film! So, whether or not you have been in tune with what goes on in the world of bright flashes and dark rooms, anyone can work with a vintage camera. If you have been scouring for vintage film cameras, here are 5 more places to check out!


1. Kamera Kotak

If you’re looking to get your first vintage film camera, I really suggest Kamera Kotak!

Source: Kamera Kotak

Price range: RM140 – RM 800


This business really prioritizes customer satisfaction—which is why all their Instagram captions are so lengthy! For each second-hand camera, they really note down all the plus points and defects internally and externally. Kamera Kotak will test the camera and film themselves, then post the photos for your perusal. If you want to develop your film, let their partner company Dark Room 8 Studio handle it for you!


Although it may seem like they have a small choice of cameras, that’s only because their stock always sells out. If you don’t want to scroll through their Instagram, just head over to their Carousell to see what’s currently available!


2. Lomo Thrift

If you have been having a hard time finding a wide range of film cameras, go take a look at Lomo Thrift!

Source: Lomo Thrift

Price: RM100 – RM350


A plus side to Lomo Thrift is that they sell many different types of cameras. I have no clue how they manage to scavenge so many, but they’ve got Konica, Fujica Flash, Olympus, and more on their shelves! Another detail-focused bunch, they will also let you in on the know about the condition of the camera. This includes the basics such as if it comes with the strap, film, battery and more!


One thing to bear in mind is that they don’t photo test the cameras, and only test the batteries. Even then, it depends if they have the matching battery to do the test in the first place (understandable, as vintage cameras aren’t being rebuffed or restocked as often as mobile phones).


3. Kults Camera

Kults Camera really brings back the good ol’ memories when film cameras were the most prized possession.

Source: Kults Camera

Price: RM300 – RM790


They’re quite private about the condition of the cameras, but you can always just DM them to get more info! Kults Cameras also sell out pretty quick, as they do sales in batches so do keep an eye out for them. Although they don’t mention prices on their Instagram page, you can do a quick detour to their Carousell to find the price tags.


4. Film Dust

What’s a camera without its accessories, right? Film Dust has got that covered!

Source: Film Dust

Price: RM70 – RM350


Okay, not all of the Film Dust cameras come with a full set of gears, but it does have more of it than other retailers! If you’re lucky, the camera you like would come with its own original camera sleeve or lenses. If you’re even luckier, you may just have the whole camera kit!


Film Dust also has more rare-to-find brands these days that are in tiptop condition, such as Vivitar or Circa. Although it doesn’t really matter if the original box is in bad condition—most vintage items are—but the fact that it survived a whole different era means something! That unique point alone makes it THE niche of this already niche market.


5. Rise Boi

If you’re more of a point-and-shoot type of person, Rise Boi has got loads of great deals for that particularly!

Source: Rise Boi

Price: RM30 – RM500


Rise Boi’s collection of vintage cameras comprises both polaroid and point-and-shoot cameras! They note the condition of each product in their captions, and always test their cameras beforehand. Rise Boi also sometimes have cameras for sale that are only RM30, and other times when they have flash sales it goes for only RM80!


They do occasionally sell broken cameras, but they’ll inform you about it in the caption itself. So for those who like to refurbish antique items, you can dig for your piece of treasure here! One more note is that once you buy something, the goods are not refundable so do enquire thoroughly about the product before settling.


Although smartphones are now gearing up with 4 to 6 cameras, it doesn’t mean traditional cameras are of less quality! In fact, it can have much better quality if you know how to use it and if it fits your needs. At the end of the day, don’t buy something only because it’s trending—get it because you actually like it!


A realism artist and an aspiring filmmaker. She’s also a devotee to R&B music and an advocate for racial equality.

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