Vintage mirror with flowers

The Vintage Mirror Craze: Here’s Where You Can Buy One

Wondering where to buy vintage mirrors in Malaysia? People don’t give much thought to mirrors, as their main use is to just allow us to see our reflections. The thing is, mirrors can actually have an impact on our day if we allow them to do so by picking the mirror style that we favour. It’s the same concept as wearing your favourite jeans or shirt; you love how you look in them!

Vintage mirror with flowers

Picking a mirror that suits your style will indirectly give off good vibes whenever you look at yourself. However, finding a mirror that’s different from your standard square block can be tough and even pricey. Hence, here are some places to consider if you’re looking for a non-conventional or vintage mirror:


1. Rinstonia

If you really want to live the boujee life, shop at Rinstonia!

Rinstonia Vintage Mirrors

Source: Rinstonia Instagram


You will definitely marvel at Rinstonia’s catalogue, as they are THE best store to get your perfect vintage mirror. One could choose something big like the Scarlet Mirror, or something else more dainty like the Elle Mirror. However, Rinstonia is not a one-trick pony! They sell more types of mirrors too like the Baroque Easel Stand Mirror or the Cressida Mirror, which screams ratu vibes by the way! 

Their mirrors are from RM99, and although it can go up to the thousands, it’s truly the best price you can get in town. If you’re looking to adorn your room with these gorgeous mirrors, you can easily shop on their main website!


2. Heartsy Mirror

Time to whip out those heart-eye emojis, and this time just for Heartsy Mirror!

Heartsy Vintage Mirrors

Source: Heartsy Mirror Instagram


Although they are fairly new to the game, Heartsy mirror will have you liking every post they have because they only sell 2 types of mirrors! You can opt for these mirrors to either be in gold, silver or white. Just match what you want and ta-da, you have it! The mirrors they own are the best for overlay shoots, or to be used as personal mirrors when you wanna do your makeup.


They post every day, so if you really want that mirror, you can just head over to their Shopee to pick out ‘the one’. However, if you’re still having cold feet because they have just few options of mirror styles, you’d be glad to know that they’ve had over 500 sales for their mirror collection. So, that ought to help ease your worries!


3. The Trendy Mirror.Co

If you’re going to call your business trendy, you better be! Well, Trendy Mirror has adopted it quite successfully.

The Trendy Mirror Co Vintage Mirrors

Source: The Trendy Mirror Co. Instagram


At this store, you aren’t only spoilt for choice for the type of mirror sizes you can buy, but also for the mirror shapes! Selling big and full mirrors of both medium and large sizes, you can decide if you would prefer square, rectangular, or even round mirrors!


Whether you opt for the chic square mirror, the standard rectangle or even the minimalistic circular mirror, it all depends on you! Plus, most of their mirrors come in either black, gold, or silver rims. So, whichever rims you pick can go nicely with the aesthetic or colour of your room. Price-wise, expect an affordable range between RM75 – RM200. I’d call that a great deal, considering their store gives you a lot of choices!


4. The Mirror. Co

Don’t want to be bombarded with too many options? Check out Mirror.Co who have made it a tad bit simpler for you.

The Mirror/my Vintage Mirrors

Source: The Instagram


How? Well, to begin with, they have limited but gorgeous designs available for mirrors. It’s either the long, rectangular and full-length mirrors, or the circular breaded ones! Both come in various sizes, but they do have a big supply of large mirrors, where it already starts at 2ft x 6ft.

Now the thing with Mirror.Co, is that they also have an option to deliver your mirror right to your doorstep. Although that may not sound ideal this year, it’s a viable option as mirrors are fragile. You may just feel better if you knew that your mirror was manually being driven over to your homely abode, instead of worrying about package damage with any courier system.



Hopefully one of these mirrors will find its way into your homely abode. Whether it’s to simply take a quick look in the morning or take an OOTD in front of it, mirrors are a gateway to another reflection of yourself, but only if you allow it. If you are still looking for ways to dress up your vanity, check out this article on 5 Tips To Dress Up And Reorganize Your Vanity!

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