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Reminiscing On My Travels Made Me Realise These Traits About Myself

Talking about travelling seems weird now but the pandemic has made me reflect on my past travels. Aside from making me look back at the places I’ve been to, I realised it was a great way for me to get to know my traits better. Some traits were a surprise. This proves my point that reflecting is a good practice! These are some of the things (good and bad) I realised about myself.



1. I appreciate punctuality and a schedule.

Call me old or blame it on my anxiety but I love arriving at the airport four to five hours before the flight. This made me realise that for important events, punctuality and a schedule are a must. This is why I love having an itinerary. A constructed and well-planned itinerary helps me in staying calm and makes me look forward to the things I am going to do.

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With that said, this particular trait of mine helps me create my morning routine. I realised that following my morning routine helps me in starting my workday more smoothly. Having an extra minute to myself before rushing to work keeps my head clear on the tasks I need to tackle for the day. Working from home makes it easy for me to keep working because the work is always there. Hence, creating a line between those two is vital for me to keep my sanity.


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2. I am more open and adventurous than I give myself credit for!

Although I love itineraries, I will also leave some blank spaces to not be rigid with myself. Being in a different country always makes me more adventurous than when I am back home. Perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t know when I will be there again so that helps me in checking out my fears. For example, trying new food is a must for me when I travel! Doing new activities that do not need me to hike or camp out in a jungle (I’m just not an outdoor person) comes in a close second.

Woman travelling on a train alone while holding her phone

Despite the lockdown, I’ve realised that I have tried a couple of new things albeit the limited choices. I started trying out new cooking recipes for fun. Some were a success while some need a bit more practice (no, it’s not a fail). This taught me to not be afraid to try new things no matter how small it is. It also taught me to not always take myself so seriously. It’s okay to not have things work out for you the first time around. You can always try again.



3. I am not everyone’s cup of tea and I am okay with that.

Everyone has a different travelling style and I don’t mind following along. Incorporating what I want to do into other people’s plans is much easier than forcing other people to follow my plans. To fuss over things that can be done with just a bit of compromise is a waste of time (especially if we are on a holiday). I  don’t mind doing things on my own for a while instead of just following the group or forcing the group to tag along with me. The downside of it is there will be times when I may miss out on some group activities and those shared moments.

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Reflecting on this, it’s safe to say that I was not born a leader — and I am okay with that. That’s number one. Number two, I am also okay with having a different taste from other people. I used to take it to heart when people didn’t like my suggestions on certain things. But now, I simply let it go and know that it is impossible and pointless to force anyone to like what you like. People are different and that is the beauty of it. The world would be a boring place if we are all the same. Cliché but true.


4. I prioritise cleanliness and comfort over everything else.

When I went to Korea, I made the mistake of putting too much trust in this “travel agent” to book me a hotel. Instead of a hotel, he booked me a hostel and it was small and not-so-clean. I don’t need to be in a five-star hotel but a clean and comfortable room is a must when I travel. This is important as after being out the whole day, I value a clean space for me to clean myself and have a good rest. 

Clean and comfortable bedroom for travelling

This trait may not be ideal for someone who does not mind and can sleep anywhere. Some might see this trait of mine as demanding. In a way, yes, I do admit that. Unfortunately, I am not very flexible on this matter as cleanliness is a priority for me. Being at home almost 24/7, I realised that I always need to have my space clean. Especially my office and sleeping space. Sure, there will be times when my spaces will be messy. But, they are always clean, meaning no dirty mugs, dust-free and the like. Side note: I like to say it is an organised mess; it’s all about perspective!



Travelling has opened up my eyes not only to the world but to who I am as well. It made me realise that everyone has their own positive and negative traits; as normal human beings should. Being aware of my traits did not only help other people to understand me but also helped me in bettering myself. I learned to be more understanding towards and respectful of other people’s choices. Most importantly, I also learned to stand up for my preference without being apologetic. That is something I will forever hold on to.


It is easy to see, travelling is much more than just seeing new places and trying new things. It is also about knowing who you are as a person and being more appreciative of other people’s characteristics. On that note, I hope we can all start looking not only at the best places but the best in people and ourselves once we get the chance to travel again. Here’s to more adventures!


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