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Weekend Activity Ideas To Help You Maintain Friendships As Busy Working Adults

Friendships seemed easy when we were in school, didn’t they? Every day is a routine of meeting them for almost 9 hours a day for 5 days a week, making them your second family! However, as we adult together, it becomes a tad bit difficult to keep up with each other. Messages slowly decrease over time and plans to meet up keep failing. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way because here are some weekend activity ideas that you can do with your friend(s) to maintain that special friendship even though you’re both working adults. So, let’s get to them!

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1. Clock Out and Chill In.

There are some days or weeks where your friends (or even you) seem to be super stressed and constantly sighing while complaining about the workload, deadlines, etc. If that’s the case, then this is the most suitable weekend activity for you guys!


Just like the name suggests, it is a time to clock out for the weekend, which means no talk about work, answering work emails or calls from colleagues and time to chill in. The objective of this chill weekend activity is to relax; watch a movie or Netflix, order in food, have a mini self-spa day with DIY face masks, manicures, etc., at your place or any of your friend’s place or even a hotel room (if you have the budget).


Pro-tip: As much as the idea to ignore all work stuff is heavenly but in reality, we know that it is difficult. My suggestion is for you and your friends to plan this after a major project is over or something similar so that you guys can truly clock out and chill in for the weekends.


2. Breathe In and Breathe Out Together.

Life can be overwhelming sometimes to the point that you forgot to breathe in amongst all the hustle and bustle. All you could see is day after day passing by as you go to work, adulting seriously and forgetting your social life, especially friendships.

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Hence, it is good to breathe in and breathe out at least once a week to relax your mind, release the knots on your shoulders and be one with your heart, mind and soul (wow, very poetic and deep). Also, remember your friends are working too and you hardly get to catch up with them amidst their busy schedule so this weekend activity is great for you guys. Look for social-distance friendly or online classes where you guys can meet up, do some meditation and yoga and have a relaxed, chill weekend ahead. 


Here are some location suggestions: Nafas Yoga KL, Yogshakti and Under The Light Yoga Studio.


Pro-tip: Yoga and meditation are not for everyone but it is a life-changing activity that helps you inside out. So, give it a try with one friend first and then decide if you both would like to continue. Slowly, you can get other friends to join in too!


3. Volunteer Together.

When you and your friends were younger, whether in school or university, there were always clubs, societies and NGOs that constantly look for volunteers and you would have participated in those to get extra credit, co-curriculum marks or just as a requirement for something. Try to think back to those times and analyse how you felt when you volunteered to distribute food, clean up the old folks’ home, play with the orphaned kids, etc. 


Honestly speaking, this feel-good weekend activity is a way for you and your friends to give back to society as a responsible and caring next generation. When we’re busy working, it always feels like the world revolves around you but when you step out of that comfort zone, you can see that there’s more to just that. Remember, change starts with us first!


Pro-tip: There are many NGOs now – old folk’s homes, orphanages, cancer societies, etc. – that need volunteers to help them. So, go ahead and research the one that fits you and your gang. Then, you’re good to go serve the people! If you’re more comfortable with non-humans, then look out for pet shelters with fur babies or environmental-related activities.


Some of my suggestions are EcoKnights, MAKNA, PAWS or Agathians Shelter.


4. Do a Presentation.

This is my favourite weekend activity to do with my best friends and it’s fun-guaranteed! See, it’s very simple; you and your friends pick one topic, any topic actually and then, you can choose to prepare a presentation (minimum 2 slides) or discussion points or video-sharing about that topic.

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This would require some research and maybe an extra 30 minutes from your entire week to curate this but trust me, it will make you feel excited for the weekend hang out with your friends as well as share and listen to the different topics and learn something new! Here are some topic suggestions: Specific time-period history, public figures, conspiracy theories, unique cultures, and superstitions.


Try using platforms like PowerPoint, Prezi, Animoto, VoiceThread or even Canva to create a presentation, then you share it with each other on an online video call!


Pro-tip: Choose a topic that is close to your heart and it won’t feel like an assignment, okay!


5. Try A New Workshop

Life as a working adult can be mundane, routine-like, usually predictable and sometimes leaving us with less time and room to be adventurous. After all, by the time you come home after a long day at work, all you’d want is to shower, eat, sleep and weekends are for rejuvenating. I know I do that and realise that I’m missing out so much in life.

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So, who else to be with when you want to try something new other than your friends who are also working adults and missing out on life? Plan with your friend(s) to sign up for a workshop or class around you, like a pottery workshop, baking class, calligraphy class, etc.!


Here are my suggestions: My Weekend Plan (online baking class) and Clay Expression (pottery workshop).


Pro-tip: Participate in workshops/classes with longer durations so you guys get to meet up often and work together to learn something new and finish a new, fun project.



Balancing adulting and friendship requires work, but if you have the right ones with you and a creative mind, you’ll all have fun together! You’ll create new memories by gaining experiences, picking up new skills and contributing to society. I have personally tried all of these activities above and my friendships are stronger and more fun after every weekend activity!

Vinothini is an introvert with an extroverted passion for writing. She blogs about her imagination, experiences and thoughts on life regularly. When she's not writing, she drinks tea, sings in the bathroom, and reads avidly.

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