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5 Ways To Invest In Your Personal Growth

Does it not get frustrating when you are stuck in a rut for an indefinite amount of time and can not seem to move past point inertia? It is never easy to accept changes or the need to change when you have become quite comfortable within your own mess. Although, change is inevitable and while it seems like a lot of work, it is as easy as ABC. It all begins with an intention- an intention to choose yourself and commit every day to grow.


It goes without saying that personal growth seems hard to achieve at first because it’s a long term process and requires a dedicated amount of patience to see the fruit of your labour. You can always start with research and learning a little about personal growth. So, without further ado, let’s make an intention to grow together, and by ourselves for the future. Here are 5 simple and easy ways to invest in your personal growth:


1. Maintain a consistent schedule.

Let’s start with the one that may seem the hardest to achieve. It will require a few attempts before you finally can ace it, but just trust the process.

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The first most important, future-oriented commitment for growth is keeping track of your food. What you decide to consume will provide benefits for you accordingly; the cherry on top is keeping track of it via a routine or schedule! This will help you to track a detailed insight into your food consumption patterns and habits.


First, decide on the diet that you require. Make sure to include some healthy meals, but also do allow yourself some of your favourite foods too! Then, dedicate yourself to not skip any meal regardless of how tough it can be, especially when external forces can have an impact on your mood. From there, you can make it a habit to create a schedule inclusive of mealtime, sleep, work and personal time too.


2. Practice prayer and meditation.

Any prayer will be heard if it has a touch of sincerity and faith. Let’s get real for a minute, there are a lot of us here who probably believe “Living on a Prayer” is our gospel. For some, it might have always has been “Unheard Prayers”! 

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Regardless of your religious beliefs, you can always decide to have a heart-to-heart with the divine when the going gets tough. For those who prefer a non-religious approach, meditation can ground you in that particular moment even if you decide to do it for just 2 minutes.


These activities do not need much strength. All you need is just a quiet corner and an intention to express gratitude, ask for guidance or simply to just appreciate the smaller things. Start with baby steps by reading up on some helpful tips about prayer or meditation and then finding which is your cup of tea. Whichever you choose, it will bear amazing long-term benefits.


3. Learn mindfulness.

With the fast-paced life, it can always be difficult to keep up with our surroundings. Especially those life-changing events involving you and your loved ones! Your family, friends and partner are all going through something difficult each day. Life can be equally taxing on them as it is for you.

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In times like this, you can always decide to make an active choice; to be emotionally, mentally and physically present around them. It is understandable that you could be exhausted yourself, but that is where you can finally learn to expand your cup and understand empathy and compassion.


Chew on this food for thought: You may not have the best lines or adequate resources to help, but when two drained individuals get together, you can find peaceful and comfortable silence together by unplugging from technology and gazing outside the window together. This requires practice and patience, but you will eventually learn to master it.


4. Vibe with your colleagues.

Alright! This is a grey area because you will either vibe or you won’t with your colleagues. People are different and you cannot always expect to have a connection with everyone. However, this point is a call to action for all struggling souls out there.


Still, you might be doing yourself a favour by at least trying. When you decide to put yourself out there, you challenge your comfort zone. It encourages you to venture into new territory and most importantly, help you get a better understanding of human nature. This will, in turn, strengthen your interpersonal skills too!


Our colleagues are also people like us. They are human and have real problems too. In the end, everyone just wants to be understood. Deciding to understand someone takes a whole lot of courage and humility. This will undeniably require a lot of trial and error, but your higher self will be thanking you one day for taking the leap of faith.



5. Enroll in a course.

Our whole self is not just what we are physically made of, but what we also bring to the table. Everyone has their own set of unique skills. While some prefer to learn new skills, others prefer to enhance what they already have.

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Your growth also comes from learning something new, even if you feel you will not require it at that very moment. It is very gratifying when you finally see yourself excelling at something you only wish you could achieve or discovering some really cool hidden attributes of your own self. You do not have to immediately invest in them, but you can always head over to an online learning platform like Crunch School to browse which courses you fancy.



Personal growth is a hard commitment to follow through with when you do not see immediate results. However, it is extremely gratifying when you can just achieve one step every day. These five points mentioned above will not seem realistic when you begin at first, but they will show decent results every time you decide to consciously implement them.


Therefore, ditch the self-doubt and just try. Because you, dear lovely soul, you only live once. Decide today to give life and yourself one sincere chance, and the rest will fall into place. Try not to focus on the end goal, but think about what might happen a bit differently if you did try. So go and begin your research. The universe has great plans for you.

A self-proclaimed nephophile who believes the most beautiful form of raw and authentic expression is through words. An avid reader, a demi-romantic and an old soul looking to emit comfort and rejuvenate the zest for life through words. Aspiring to be a medium and give life to countless, relatable thoughts on behalf of others who have a tough time voicing them.

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