Two people looking at a smartphone with apps

Useful & Essential Apps You Need In Your Phone To Improve Your Lifestyle

My daily screen time never falls below 8 hours. Especially now that we’re currently staying at home at all times. With very little human interaction, the hours I spend on my phone skyrockets every single day. However, at some point, I began to realize that this is something we can’t avoid. But hey, why don’t we make it at least beneficial for us? Instead of spending hours scrolling on social media, we can make this addictive thing something that improves our lifestyle and productivity. Here are some simple but powerful apps that I’ve been using throughout the year that actually helps to improve my lifestyle during this quarantine:

Two people looking at a smartphone with apps


1. Productivity applications


Forest is an application that helps you to be productive by letting you virtually build a tree in a specific duration, specifically the duration of your desired time to focus on your work. It prevents you from exiting the apps before the timer goes off, otherwise, your little virtual tree will die. There are so many wonderful things in Forest that I always recommend this app to anyone.


During festive seasons, they usually launch new trees that you can add to your collection to ‘plant’ in your little forest. You can also add your friends and see who are the ‘most productive’ based on the leaderboard.


If you are a premium user (which only costs you a one-time purchase at RM7), you can actually plant a real tree based on the number of trees that you have planted virtually. Oh, have I mentioned that it is also available in Chrome extension and you can use it on your laptop as well? Try it out now!



Hatch is quite similar to the Forest app, in that promotes productivity by letting you virtually build something in a specific duration. Instead, Hatch gives you an egg that you can hatch. As your timer goes off, you can collect a different kind of adorable creature. It’s really fun to look at your collection and see different animals and unique creatures that you have collected. This is a good app if you enjoy a cutesy type of focus timer!


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2. Reading applications


The idea behind Instapaper is every time I come across an interesting article or blog post from the Internet and I don’t want to read them yet, I will save them in this app. And when you have the mood to come back to those articles, you can easily find them all in one place. The best thing about Instapaper is they’re also available as a Chrome extension and you can save articles to read on your laptop as well. You can also highlight quotes that attract your attention and add a side note to them. (P/S: This is exactly where I keep interesting articles from Crunch!)


If you’re interested in editing and creative apps for the broke millennial, make sure to give this article a read too!


3. Health and Fitness applications

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30-Day Fitness Challenge

There are some times when I’m feeling bored and tired from staying at home for too long. The only solution is to get yourself on a fitness mat and start doing some exercises. 30-day Fitness Challenge is a wonderful app that allows you to choose different kinds of focus workouts, be it chest, abs, or even legs. They come in the form of a one-month challenge calendar that you can follow along throughout the month. The workout challenges also come with videos and a timer too! It is very easy to follow. You can check it out on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store here.


4. Organisation and tracker applications

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This app is very essential as an all-in-one workspace for anything and everything. I personally love to use it as my study notes organizer, timetable, goals, bucket list, and literally everything else! You can customize them neatly in different folders as well. If you’re overwhelmed by those tonnes of functionalities that Notion offers, don’t worry. Notion also provides easy templates for any kind of notes that you can use right away.


Google Calendar

Personally, I think Google Calendar is the most powerful calendar app that I’ve used by far. It allows you to sync with almost every platform. You can colour code your activities and calendars according to different purposes and events too! It is also integrated with almost all Google products including Google Meet, where it automatically adds the conference details in the calendar. Google Calendar is widely used on different platforms, so I highly suggest you start using it!


5. Finance applications


There are tons of finance management apps out there, but I personally choose Monefy over everything else. You can track your expenses and input your income in the easiest way. Not to mention that you can also sync with your favourite bank account and they will automatically update your expenses list for you! You can also track your expenses based on different categories to fit into your preferences and lifestyle. With categories like groceries, transportation, entertainment, or fuel, you can easily view your overall weekly or monthly expenses in an interactive chart to help you better visualize your spending patterns.


6. Self-care applications

Woman having period cramps


This self-care app is for my ladies. What’s cool about Flo is you can log your activities, water intakes, symptoms of the day, thus improving the prediction of your next menstrual cycle. So far, I can say that this is the most accurate and reliable ovulation calendar app, coming from me who often had irregular periods. They have an explore page with different types of articles to read too. This way, you’ll have access to lots of different articles to better educate yourself about topics surrounding the menstrual cycle. The best thing is, they also have a cool anonymous community tab where you can ask questions anonymously if you find it awkward to talk about it in person.


Check it out on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today!



So here are the apps that are literally changing my life in many different ways. I love simple tools that can help me simplify my life. Of course, there are many different apps out there that suit your preferences more. You just need to find the right one that serves you the best!

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