5 Tips To Re-Organise And Dress Up Your Vanity


I believe every person, regardless of gender, should have their own personal shrine—a vanity! Now, it may be just a mirror and a dressing table combo for some, but it can be a lot more than that. Some treat it as a place to do their skincare routine or as their express beauty station before rushing to work!


Regardless of what you’re using your vanity for, nothing can ever go wrong with trying to style it! Whilst scrolling through Pinterest is great for quick inspiration, some actionable steps would come in handy when designing this space. So, here’s 5 tips to re-organise and dress up your vanity!


1. Find An Aesthetic

Your life is shaped by your interests, and your personality impacts your everyday style!

Aside from the aforementioned Pinterest, you can also try searching for feeds like #roomdecor or #studygram on Instagram for some ideas! What is also good to remember is that the space AROUND your vanity is also important. You can have a wonderful vanity setting, but it would really complete the look if you match your room to your vanity too!


In the case that flipping through these feeds or the IKEA catalogue gets overwhelming, remember that there’s nothing wrong with mixing furnishing styles! Experiment with what you want to put on your vanity mirror and in your room. You could have a warm rustic bedroom, but a Nordic-themed vanity. The other option could be having a vintage and dark vanity along with a bedroom with a pastel colour palette!


P/S: You aren’t married to one style, feel free to change it up every few months!

2. Jazz Up Your Mirror

Here comes the best part—your vanity setting itself! There are so many types of vanity settings that we are actually quite spoiled for choice.

The upside of humans having lived many centuries is that there are so many eras which contributed to exquisite art—and mirrors being a reflection of your beauty have been a part of that evolution! There is an array of mirror styles to choose from – the Parisian, the burlesque vanity with big lights, the sleek oval mirrors and more.


The next thing to think about is – depending on your mirror type, do you want it to be mounted up on the wall or resting on the table? What can help aid you in answering this is thinking of how you want to use your vanity! Is it just for a quick OOTD selfie, or do you prefer a multi-purpose vanity where you also have in-built drawers? When these bigger parts come together, then you can think about what goes on your vanity.



3. Get An Organiser

What else do you put on your vanity, aside from the standard sunscreen and lip balm? Well, whatever you want!

Whether it’s accessories, your makeup, or even other miscellaneous items, what binds this all together is a very good organiser. Now, you can, of course, buy from the dollar store like MR D.I.Y, or level up to something from IKEA or Robinsons. What matters is that you have an organiser that fits your specific needs.


For example, if you have a lot of earrings, why not go for a transparent acrylic display? That way, you can see all your options directly! If you’re someone who has a lot of the same type of product—say lipsticks, you can then use a rotating organizer to make use of the entire 360° space.


Small tip: If you are an indecisive person, go for transparent organisers! This lifts the creative burden off your shoulders.

4. DIY Your Vanity

Sometimes, all you want is to spruce up your vanity without breaking your bank. So, here’s how to have an amazing setting at an affordable price!

Before machines, there was a time people did everything by hand. So if that ready-made vanity is out of the budget, you can try to DIY your mirrors instead. Two ways to do this: one, buy round LED bulbs to make your vanity look like a starlet’s! The other is to grab your paintbrush and paint on some clouds with acrylic on the mirror. For inspiration, watch this clip! A pro tip is to use gesso before putting on the paint as it would last longer then!


Other than that, you could always add more than one mirror to your vanity. Why not make it a trio, with a big mirror in the middle then two smaller ones on either side? This creates more depth in your space, no matter how small your room is. Aside from that, you can also utilize old house items like a tiered ceramic dessert tray to use as an organiser if you don’t want to buy the ones mentioned earlier!


5. The Clean Gleam

The worst thing you can do is let your vanity become dusty and dirty after all the time you spent making it grand!

If you find spring cleaning hard to do, organisers really help you in cleaning your vanity in sections or portions. Additionally, if you have drawers or even small boxes, cut up newspaper (or even coloured or baking paper) to the size of your drawer and leave it in as a ‘placemat’ before organizing your items. This way when the dust settles, most of it lands on the paper and not the organizer itself!


Other than that, using cleaning agents like Cif really helps give your mirror that squeaky clean look! To pair with Cif, after the first round with the rag, use a newspaper to wipe the mirror—it leaves no streaks behind! When wiping down your mirror or vanity table, use the S-motion and not the winding one as shown in this video. That way, you’re bringing the dirt down and not all over!


I admit that dressing up your vanity is a want and not a necessity. However, it’s just like furnishing your home and doing so can add some form of comfort to you and your space. Regardless of how you are using your vanity, try to have some fun when hunting for decor or styling it.

A realism artist and an aspiring filmmaker. She’s also a devotee to R&B music and an advocate for racial equality.

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