Things You Can Do In University To Set Yourself Up For Success

Would you believe that being in university actually helps you to grow as a person?

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If you have always been boggled by the mindset that university is all about academia, then you’d better listen up! The four years I spent in university were incredibly fulfilling. Not only did I enjoy the academic side, but I also took the time to explore different aspects of being a university student by being more involved in my uni-life. And over a year in my career now, there are a lot of skills I am equipped with now that I can definitely attribute back to my university days.


Success in the future, both academically and personally, can be honed from university. Here are the 5 things you can do in university to set yourself up for success:



1. Build relationships and network

Snuggling in bed watching Netflix does sound amazing when you’re in university… There are no worries in the world and all you need to do is attend classes for two hours and end the day. As fun as this may sound, this actually limits your opportunity to meet and connect with other people. Try connecting with your peers, lecturers or even university staff! Relationship building in university will truly define how your trajectory in your life will pan out. 

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While networking can translate into future benefits, connecting with individuals with different viewpoints will help you understand the different industries and opinions towards varying topics. If you are looking to network, start getting to know people you don’t normally converse with. This could be a classmate you’d like to know more about or a lecturer whose class you enjoy most!


2. Always be punctual

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Sure, being a university student means that you don’t get nagged about being late to class by your parents anymore. However, the value of being punctual actually builds your personality as an individual. Punctuality is a trait that is greatly appreciated by everyone; it makes others feel valued and prioritised. More importantly, you will be able to build an understanding of the importance of time. This would definitely prove to be important in the future when the topic of time management arises. While other qualities like scoring high marks in examinations are great, being punctual will always be a relevant trait that will set you up for success in the future.


3. Join extracurricular activities

Being equipped with soft skills is crucial in the real world. If you are in college, take the opportunity to involve yourself in extracurricular activities such as playing sports or joining a club. Taking it up a notch by joining case competitions also helps to build one’s critical thinking skills. 


While this seems like it would take up a lot of time, understand that college is all about being exposed to different environments. Keeping your university life balanced on both academic and extracurricular fronts would build your portfolio. Needless to say, applying for job positions in the future will be easier when you have your experiences in university to speak for you.


4. Attend talks

The best thing about university is the sheer amount of talks organised by the different departments, all for free! These talks would often involve discussions on future career paths, with different high-level executives from large corporations as part of the panel. Attending these talks will not only open up our view of the real working world but we also get to learn industry secrets that would become helpful points for job applications. 

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Also, when attending these talks, try to work up your courage to get noticed by the speakers. You could do this by asking questions during the Q&A session or catching up with the speakers after for a short networking session. This is because getting yourself acquainted with important individuals may open up opportunities for you to be referred or recommended in the future. A helpful tip to continue getting connected with the speakers is to connect with them via LinkedIn! There, you can be more active in conversing and engaging with them online.


5. Join free workshops and seminars for extra certification

Apart from academic certifications, it’s also crucial to adopt hard skills that can be valuable in the workplace. This includes mastering different technical software like Microsoft Office or Adobe. Often, your Career Services department would collaborate and invite certified professionals to carry out basic lessons to use such software. From there, you would also be able to collect certificates for these skills.


That said, always be in the know of these free workshops and join them during your free time to learn and be certified. With this, you’d be able to include significant soft and hard skills in your resume that can help you get noticed by recruiters.



In a competitive world, knowing how to set yourself apart from the rest is important. Developing skills and varying yourself as a student and individual will distinguish you from your peers. If you are a university student, always make it a point to place the future as your ‘north star’ as the actions you carry out now will determine what’s in store in the future and where you will end up.

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