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5 Steps You Can Do To Maintain Your Mental Wellness

In a world where mental health is beginning to get more limelight, the bigger question now is what steps can we take to maintain mental wellness. Keeping negative feelings to ourselves does not encourage productivity. If we do not prioritize our mental wellness, you would definitely see other aspects of your life taking a hit.

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So how do we ensure we can maintain our mental wellness? Here are five steps you can do.


1. Be aware of and manage your emotions.

Emotional responses are most of the time never ones we’re proud of, especially when they can get us to do some really ridiculous things sometimes. The best method to be able to manage mental wellness is to be able to identify and recognize when we are slipping into an angry or negative mood. Determine if triggers are the cause and be intentional about either solving it or make careful and conscious choices until the mood passes. Additionally, one could also check in on themselves multiple times a day to see how our emotions have fluctuated. Then, we will be able to manage ourselves better and avoid any possible regret from emotional responses you may not be proud of.


2. Clean up messes!

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A cluttered area makes a cluttered mind! Throw away anything you have in excess (if you haven’t seen, used or thought about it in the last three months, you likely don’t need it!). Wipe off surfaces. When things get cleaner physically, your mind clears out mentally too. This enables us to clear out mental thrashes as well, which are things that just cause us pent up anxiety.


3. Organize.

Checklists! When our anxiety builds over things that are not yet done and tasks that are piling up, learning how to manage the anxiety and stress can greatly help. Make a list and check things off as they get done. Having a physical reminder that you’re finished can help in us feeling accomplished. Focusing on the positive also helps greatly. And if that doesn’t help, make a checklist of everything you’d love to do once you’ve finished all the necessary tasks you need to do. It does give one something to look forward to!


4. Be unproductive for a while.

Girl sitting in bed with a laptop and resting

It sounds counterproductive, but it works! Sometimes we don’t have to be on ‘go’ mode all the time. Lazing around watching Netflix all day, or bingeing on Youtube or TikTok all day could do wonders in helping us relax, unwind and just have a ‘me’ day. Trying to be ‘productive’ and ticking off checklists have become some sort of ‘trend’. There is a somewhat unspoken competition has sprouted from who has the least amount of hours to sleep, or how necessary it is for someone to always be ‘busy’.


However, research from the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology suggests that it may be better for us to slow down in order to be more productive. This may seem counterintuitive, but it is surprisingly true. The more over-productive we are, the more we feel burned out. This can lead to stress, anxiety, and cause actual physical illnesses like headache’s or backaches to come to the surface. And how productive can we be when we feel physically and mentally ill?


So, lose that guilt of taking a slow and easy day! Refill your cup, and you’ll be far healthier mentally and physically to tackle the oncoming challenges with a fresh mind.


5. Set small goals.

Trying to finish everything at the same time usually drives many to panic. Being unable to finish many things will then lead them to feel like they’ve failed, thus setting off a downward spiral of negative feelings. Instead, set smaller and more achievable goals. Then, celebrate each little win! The celebration for a small goal, no matter how small, triggers your mind to remember to practice ‘celebration’ instead of defaulting to ‘failure mode’. This will train your mind to focus on the positives instead of the negatives.



At the end of the day, you are in control of what you feel. Hopefully, these five steps will help you to find some control in this roller-coaster we call life. Your mental wellness is the basis of many things in your life, and it is something we cannot afford to neglect. If you really can’t manage to figure out your action steps, there is no shame in looking for professional health for counselling, just like how we seek help when we are physically ill.

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