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4 Simple Ways To Help You Get Started With Exercise When You Feel Out of Shape

“I’ll start working out tomorrow,” you convince yourself for the third time this week as you plop down onto your bed and get snuggly with your pillows. 

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Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and done that. That dialogue is far too familiar to all of us who want to be fit and healthy, to feel good about ourselves, and to be confident in our own bodies. However, we know taking the first step is always the hardest. If you struggle to budge like most of us, here are four simple ways that’ll help you to get moving and start to exercise when your body feels out of shape!


1. Put on your workout clothes and get comfortable in them!

Get out of your pyjamas or oversized hoodies! Put on your workout gear, throw on some sport shoes and get into the mood of wanting to exercise. You’ve got to dress the way you’d like to feel! If you want to get sporty or go for a jog, throw on those running tights and windbreakers and get on your toes. It’s all a mind game, really. You’ve just got to get out of the comfortable clothes that you sleep in. Then, convince your mind that once you throw on that cute workout gear that you’ll be ready to get to exercising and getting fit!


If you’re in need of workout clothes, here are a few crowd-favourite online stores you can search through to find yourself a cute fit:

  • Shopee ( — for beginners that are still figuring out what works best for them, Shopee’s stores generally have the cheapest apparel and a large variety to choose from. 
  • Online stores (Sports Direct) — with the largest selection of workout gear and equipment, this is everyone’s affordable and reliable go-to store! 
  • Local brands (Livlola, Banana Fighter, Liberty Active) — for those who are willing to invest more in their workout fits and love the idea of supporting local homegrown brands simultaneously.


2. Try following online workout plans or videos.

Let’s be real. A big part of why most of us don’t even start to exercise is because we don’t have a workout plan. We’re not too sure where to start. Well, it’s a great thing we’re currently at the height of technology and everything is accessible through the internet! If you’re feeling a little lost on how to start, or areas to focus on, make your way down to Youtube and you can get started there. There are plenty of these fitness channels that can encourage you to get moving, and an abundance of videos that you can follow as a proper workout session! Here are some channels that are quite popular with the crowd:

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  • POPSUGAR Fitness got the whole variety — cardio sessions, dance classes, high-intensity interval training, you name it, and they have it! While occasionally featuring guest celebrities, POPSUGAR Fitness is great if you want to have fun while working out!
  • Blogilates, a channel revolving around the art of pilates, is dedicated to those who want an intense workout and really want to feel the burn. Cassey Ho, the instructor, is fun and motivating, and will keep you going until the end!
  • Take a look into Yoga with Adriene if you’re looking into a slower and calmer form of exercise. With an entire selection of yoga classes, you’ll be sure to never get bored and to always try something new.


3. Start with a 30-day challenge!

The idea of starting a 30-day exercise challenge is to start small and slowly build up your strength, stamina, and consistency from there. There are many variations of these 30-day exercise challenges. It all depends on which area you’d like to focus on, or what workouts you’d like to do on the regular. Following this challenge starts you off easy and the intensity will increase slowly. Therefore, it will not put too much pressure on yourself as well. 

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As your body gets accustomed to the small workouts, it’ll eventually start to want more. Your body will want something that gives more burn and feels more intense. You just need to get your body running.


4. Work out with a friend.

The easiest way for you to get motivated to start exercising is to pair up with someone else who wants to work out too. This helps because you’ve got the same motive and the same goals! What better way to kickstart your workout than with someone who’ll keep you company and constantly encourage you? Plan a workout with a friend. You can hit the gym with each other, go for a jog together, or even play a few rounds of badminton in the park!

Two friends going for a jog together

Now, if you’re thinking about how you’ll be able to do all of that given our current situation in this pandemic, I’ve got you covered! You can Facetime with your friends and work out. Not only that, you can also follow Youtube workout videos together over a call. Furthermore, instead of exercising together, you can always just motivate each other over text too! Send them reminders to work out, inspire them, and remind them that you’re on this journey together. Nothing feels greater than knowing that you’ve got the support of others in what you do! 



At the end of the day, it’s all about taking baby steps. If you focus on the negative picture of having to work out, sweat, and feel sore after you’re done, any person in the right mind would jump back into bed and return to the comfort of their blanket and Netflix. The key is to take small steps. Follow simple ways and methods that will help you get started. Eventually, this will keep you going at a consistent pace. It’s all about your mentality and understanding that this is for the greater good of your body. 


Not to mention most of us are at home 99% of the time now, so what else is stopping you? Go get that body you’ve always wanted and make yourself proud. Once you’ve achieved your fitness goals, take a good look in the mirror. Focus on the newfound confidence and happiness that you’ve found along the way. Always remember: when you feel good, you look good!

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