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Simple Tasks You Can Do On A Friday For A Better Week Ahead

It’s a well-known fact that life can be super hectic at times! Facing an overwhelming workload, extreme stress, and a messy home could all lead up to a bad day. Even worse, to an extent, this could all lead to a really messy and bad week. A good week is often underrated. We often dismiss its importance by pointing out that life is inherently imperfect and we could never do anything to counter the given. The idea that we could not achieve the perfect work-life balance is only holding us back from trying! The truth is, a good day is very much beneficial as it can prove to boost our moods, reduce stress, and ultimately better our mental health.


Knowing so, it should be an obligation to ourselves to try our best to achieve the ideal work-life balance. Here are five simple tasks we can do on a leisurely Friday to ensure a good week ahead!


1. Scheduling something fun for your week ahead!

An already messy life could only be messier without a direction. With everything we have to juggle, between work, family, and self-care, it is very convenient for us to leave some room for complacency. However, after spending an entire week with work and studies, it is only right to have fun things we look forward to in the upcoming week. We recommend that you set some time aside for the week to do something fun! Be it something extreme like paragliding, or something simple like babysitting your niece, what matters is that you look forward to power through a busy week by knowing that you would get to do something that makes you happy.

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In the pursuit of a good week, a healthy state of mind would be a vital aspect to maintain along the process. An article published by the Mayo Clinic states that a healthy state of mind can help us to cultivate better coping skills during hardships and times of stress. Hence, allocating time and effort to better our mental health would definitely be a good investment for our future.


For example, we could plan to walk our dogs when we get off work on Tuesday and Thursday. Then, we’ll schedule some time to play our favorite sports or games on Saturday. Plan accordingly in a way that works for you while remembering that this is an important part of our week. Hopefully, this would help us remain motivated each day knowing that we would have time to do something that we genuinely enjoy. Hobbies can substantially help us work better. See it as a self-care reward for persevering through a hard day! This task plays a significant role in ensuring that we remain sane through a hectic week. At the end of the day, self-care is how you take your power back.


2. Put things away and clear your mind

While it feels like it is, we have to understand that Fridays are not really part of the weekend. It is considered as a pre-weekend where we prepare for the things we want to do during the weekend. To ease our weekend chores, we could put away things that are lying around on Friday. For instance, we could try small scale cleaning like putting our dirty laundry in the basket, decluttering our workspace and throwing out the trash.

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The reason why this is key is because most of us consider our home as a safe haven. A place where we are not bound by the size of our cubicles. We are free of our laptops, deadlines, and our bosses. Throughout a hectic week, it is only natural that our desire for the comfy embrace of our beds fuels our motivation to fulfill our duties. Our weeks would be significantly better if we could come home to a clean, comfortable, and stress-free home.


Putting things away every Friday would make a tremendous difference during the weekend. Our chores on the weekend will feel less tedious too. Thus, we can ensure a better week ahead as we won’t have to worry about laundry that is not done or too much clutter on our desks. We will have one less problem to worry about and can better utilize our time!


3. Reflect!

Reflecting is one of the most efficient ways to systematically improve. Reflecting means that we take a look back at our last week and evaluate how we did. For example, we reflect on what we have done well and the things that we have to improve. Then, you can plan accordingly to improve these things and be able to achieve a measurably better week.

Woman writing in a notebook and reflecting

Reflecting is not only important to ensure improvements, but it also serves as a tool of compliment ourselves. For instance, we can pat ourselves on the back for all the things we’ve done well in the past week. Be it completing all of our tasks on time or eating healthy foods every day, these are all great accomplishments that deserve recognition.


By reflecting, we are not only able to come up with ways to improve, but we would also remain resilient facing each day. Both are essential boxes to check in order to have a better week!


4. Schedule some time on the weekend for your passion project!

The weekend is the time where we do the things that you don’t get to do on a weekday. We suggest utilizing your weekend to work on your passion project! Your passion project could be learning how to crochet, wood working, painting or home improvements. It could also be working on a small business, part time tutoring or freelance writing as a side hustle. No matter what our passion project is, what’s important is that we are learning something new or earning side income by doing it. After all, the weekend should not be wasted on exaggerated hours spent on Netflix.

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On Friday, schedule some time on the weekend to work on your respective project. That way, we can ensure that our weekend is well spent and feel at ease knowing that we will do something productive. We are more empowered to achieve great things in life the more we gain new knowledge.



Ultimately, these tasks could only work if we are disciplined, resilient, and self-motivated. Without these qualities, we would easily find ourselves being complacent and not adhering to our plans. If we find ourselves on the verge of quitting, remember that we owe it to ourselves to constantly improve and have better weeks. We can start by rewarding ourselves each time we complete these tasks on Friday. In time, the satisfaction we feel from completing these tasks would look like ease and happiness where materials things are no longer needed for us to appreciate it. A good week would lead to a good month, a good year, and a good life!

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