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Simple Hairdos You Can Do Up In Less Than 10 Minutes For Bad Hair Days

You are looking at the mirror and you let out a groan of frustration, nothing seems to be working but you have somewhere to be soon. We have all been there, bad hair days get the best of us on days when we really, really need to look presentable for an important event or a meet up with friends or families.
The clock is ticking and you need some way to fix the wild monster on your head that seemed to be untamable. Well, fret not because here are some practical and quick hairstyles under 10 minutes or less, that I have personally complied to make you look chic in a snap and let you walk out the door with plenty of time to still grab a coffee.


1. Pull it up

The most hassle-free or a no-fail way of making a bad hair day into a good one is to put it up. Whether that be securing it into a messy low bun, ballerina bun that our mother’s used to do or even a simple up-do twist, it will instantaneously make you look effortlessly classy. A fun way to jazz up a bun or an up-do would be to use claw clips or scrunchies that are making a comeback from the late 90’s. There are thousands of styles, materials and colours to match your outfit with! When securing it into an up-do, remember to take out a few strands to frame your face, this will also give a softer, more natural illusion.
hair bun
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2. When in doubt, braid it out.

The easiest thing to do on a bad hair day is to braid your hair. Don’t be too intimidated by the complicated Fishtails or Waterfall braids you see online, there’s also many different and easy braids to try.
When you’re in a time crunch, a simple three-strand braid you remembered from your childhood will do the trick. Elevate it by securing the ends or top of your braids with a statement elastic to make you look timelessly sophisticated without the hassle. There’s also French braiding, parting the hair into two even sections and braiding down on either sides of your head to create a more youthful look, while getting the hair out of your face. You could even try out an easy loop braid where you only need to secure a round shape every few inches down the back of your head, this gives you a sleek low pony with a creative twist.
hair braid
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3. Bandanas or Headbands

Don’t feel like putting up your hair? Well, you can also hide a bad hair day by using bandanas or headbands to cover up. This trick has saved my life countless times, whether that be days when your hair is just oily and you just have no time to wash it or you want to hide the frizzy baby hairs.
With these hairstyles, whether your hair is curly or straight, you can let your hair down or do a half-up-half-down hairstyle if you don’t like the constricted pulled back look. If you don’t own a bandana, a good replacement would be using any scarf that could be folded in half or even your father’s or your partner’s ties in their wardrobe! Get creative and tie it around your greasy locks like a headband or wear it in a knot around the back, channeling an Audrey Hepburn vibe. It makes a great hair accessory and you don’t have to go out and buy one. This hairstyle would totally spice up your look without anyone suspecting your bad hair day.
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4. Hats

Another hairstyle is to put on a hat! It’s no secret that people have been doing this for years, but with more new prints and styles popping up in stores or even online every second, you can easily find one that suits you.
For a more casual and fun look, I suggest a bucket hat to do the trick of hiding a bad hair day while looking trendy and not out of place. Another style could be opting for a baseball hat, this can elevate your outfit into a sportier vibe, perfect if you’re going out for a brunch date with your girlfriends. For people who are attending meetings or more semi-formal events, a great silhouette would be a boater hat with a neutral palette. This is another perfect way to tame the hair without sacrificing style or being inappropriate. Play with textures as well, it’s likely to add a statement drawing attention away from your bad hair day and even get some compliments!
bucket hat
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It is totally normal to have bad hair days, know that you are not alone but what we need to realise is to make the best with what we got. Looking great doesn’t take a lot of time and energy and with these quick tips that I’ve shared with you, you will be looking well put together in no time. Remember to pick colours or patterns that suit you and that less is always more.

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