Breakfast peanut butter toast

10 Simple Breakfast Ideas To Make Before Your Morning Workout

As we moved into the new year, I’m sure that many of us have set resolutions to keep this year. Most likely, these resolutions included fitness goals too! While we may start all gung-ho and excited, over time, many reasons and circumstances may pop up as obstacles in our fitness journey.

Personally, I always need a good breakfast before starting my morning workout. However, it can become too time-consuming and I end up with a mediocre meal which doesn’t motivate me. For those who face the same problem, here’s a list of simple breakfast ideas before your morning workout!


1. Peanut Butter and Banana Chia Seed Toast

Breakfast peanut butter toast

Peanut butter and bread are easily found in most households, so this is just a healthy, jazzed up version of that. Spread your favourite PB onto toast, slice up a banana and add a sprinkle of chia seeds for that added crunch (and nutrition!). Bananas are packed with simple carbs, natural sugars and, best of all, potassium–perfect for a pre-workout meal!


2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great pre-workout pick because they provide vitamin A, carbohydrates and are rich in nutrients. All you need is sous chef Mike for the recipe below:

  • Poke a few holes into a sweet potato using a fork to allow the heat to penetrate through and cook the potato evenly
  • Pop a sweet potato into the microwave for a couple of minutes on high
  • Add your favourite flavours–honey, chia seed, even yoghurt! For a savoury spin, try it with an egg, cheese or avocado!


3. Yoghurt and Banana

This is by far the easiest breakfast; you could even eat this on the go! Slice up a banana into a yoghurt cup, add a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of chia seeds (optional) and you’ve got a simple and healthy breakfast. Bananas are rich in various nutrients such as potassium, which are important for muscle growth. Potassium also helps prevent muscle cramps and can slow the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream, making bananas a great snack option before your next workout.


4. Overnight Oats

Overnight breakfast oats

Overnight oats are a simple breakfast with no cooking–it’s literally just soaking oats in milk overnight!  This provides sustained energy as the complex carbs in oats are broken down in your system slowly. 

  • Put equal parts oats and milk in a container or jar
  • Leave it in the fridge overnight
  • Go ham with toppings, chocolate nibs, chia seeds, and fruits. For dried fruit, soak them in the milk overnight to get them plump and juicy. You can even up the nutrition by adding a scoop of protein powder.


This is a favourite for many as you can switch up the flavours–experiment with berries, chocolate or even matcha! 


5. Breakfast Omelette with Toppings

Breakfast omelette with toppings

This breakfast dish involves actual cooking, but fret not! I promise you it’s simple enough.

  • Whisk some eggs in a bowl
  • Add them to a pan with butter or a drizzle of oil
  • Add your desired toppings–mozzarella cheese, spinach, cherry tomatoes, with salt and pepper to taste.


The toppings mentioned has little to no prep work, but you may be diligent with other toppings if required–mushrooms, capsicum, chicken ham etc!


6. Avocado Toast (Savoury)

Person making avocado toast

We all need a little bougie brekkie from time to time to put us in a good mood and ready to tackle the day. If life gives you avocadoes, make avo toast! Avocado gives you that healthy fat fix, so you won’t feel guilty for indulging in it. 

  • Use a fork to mash your avocado, 
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Spread it on toast with a sprinkle of sesame seeds for an added nutritional crunch. 
  • Slice a hardboiled egg and layer it on top of your avo toast if you’d like to incorporate more protein before your workout.


7. Avocado Toast (Sweet)

This is pretty much using the base of an avo toast but transforming it if you feel like having something sweet. Use a fork to mash your avocado, spread it on toast and drizzle on some honey with a sprinkle of chia seeds. You can also up the flavour profile by combining this with sliced or mashed bananas, peanut butter or even mashed sweet potato. Nutritious dessert breakfast–win-win!


8. Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

Person drinking a smoothie

This is pretty much a pick and blend method–have your pick of berries, bananas, and green leafy vegetables for those antioxidants, potassium and nutrients. Use yoghurt or milk to add body to your smoothie base for a creamier taste. The best part about this is you can create different flavour profiles based on what is in your fridge. Plus, it’s a great way to incorporate your fruit and veggie daily intake into your meals! Check out this recipe by Well Plated for some great smoothie ideas!


9. Breakfast Pizza

Want an exciting breakfast with pizza? Try chopping up some vegetables and putting them on your toast, with cheese, egg and a drizzle of tomato or sriracha sauce. Vegetables are powerhouses for nutrients no matter what you pick. This can be prepped in advance for a quick satisfying breakfast in the morning. If you need a few recipes, check out these ones by Hungry Hobby and Open Fit.


10. Energy Bites

Energy bites are tasty and easy to grab if you are not a morning person and are too groggy to fumble around in the kitchen. You can make them with oats, honey, nut butter, flax seeds and coconut flakes. They provide protein and carbohydrate to fuel working muscles, without leaving you feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Make them in a big batch so it saves your time and there’s no reason to stop going for more workouts! (ahem). Here are a few recipes (1) (2) (3) that you can take a look at if you need more detailed instructions.



Experiment and play around with flavours, you just might find your to-go brekkie! For healthier options, consider swapping out some ingredients for healthier ones. For milk, you can consider using oat or almond milk as an alternative. As for nut butter, almond or cashew butter are great choices other than the usual peanut butter! You can also use just egg whites instead of the whole egg in certain recipes! For yoghurt, opt for a non-sweetened or less sweet version. Whole grain or wheat toast will also be a good substitute for regular white bread. With all that being said, bon appétit!

Esther is a self-proclaimed professional daydreamer and matcha latte enthusiast. She can be found writing poetry, exploring the bottom of the sea, or playing her ukelele.

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