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5 Shows You Should Watch For A Good Laugh

Tired of typing ‘LOL’ when you actually are not experiencing it? While the need for laughter is universal (especially in times like these, to stay sane!), we are aware that different types of humour appeal to different individuals. So, here are five show recommendations varying from distinct genres and countries that you can consider watching to tickle your funny bone for a good laugh!


1. Fresh Off The Boat (US family-themed sitcom)

Shows To Make You Laugh - Fresh Off The Boat

Source: Inkstone


Loosely based on the autobiography of celebrity chef Eddie Huang, this series depicts the life of a Taiwanese American family that settled in Florida during the 90s. The Huangs are made up of a husband and wife team of Louis and Jessica, their three sons Eddie, Emery, and Evan, and Louis’ mother, Jenny.

The show’s main laughing point comes from Jessica Huang (Constance Wu). Jessica is a champion in “roasting” people, regardless of the hats she is wearing as a wife, mum, friend, or a stranger. She speaks her mind out without the fear of offending anyone and nobody can ever top her comebacks. When Eddie (Hudson Yang), her eldest son tried to persuade her to let him attend a rap concert, she was adamant in saying no, even using Scrabble to defend her point. Her disapproval of his beatboxing was summed up through this sentence, “Eddie, stop spitting to your hands!”


This sitcom strikes a balance between poking fun at many Asian stereotypes as well as depicting the reality of growing up and fitting in for many Asian American households who immigrated to the US. The dialogues consist of relatable Asian humour and values that many of us will find ourselves nodding and laughing together while watching.


2. I Can See Your Voice (South Korean mystery-music game show)

Shows To Make You Laugh - I Can See Your Voice

Source: Hallyu SG


Forget about American Idol and The X Factor, this South Korean game show is the only show that rewards someone who is tone-deaf. How does this work?


Six mystery contestants (their real names and true occupations are concealed in the beginning) are presented to a celebrity guest (who is an accomplished singer) and a group of panellists. The contestants will be judged and eventually eliminated based on their physical appearances, lip-sync abilities, as well as several true-or-false evidence hints arranged by the producers. The final round will see the last remaining contestant (whose real singing ability stays unknown) performing a duet with the celebrity guest. If this last remaining contestant turns out to be tone-deaf, he or she will walk away with an amazing CASH PRIZE (it pays to sing badly!), whereas if a contestant who sings well is selected, he or she will earn a chance to produce a digital single release which may lead to other singing opportunities!

You will find it hard to contain your laughter when you watch how some contestants take on the stage confidently when their sense of rhythm and pitch are completely out alongside the shocked reactions of the audience. It is also amusing to see how the panellists justify their reasons for claiming a person to be a good singer or bad singer. Now in its 8th season, this show will not only challenge your notion of not judging a book by its cover, but it will entertain you with unexpected twists and turns.


3. Stay Tuned! (Japanese workplace comedy series)

Stay Tuned

Source: Aitoda Dramas


This Japanese drama revolves around Hanako Yukimaru (Kyoko Yoshine): a young, passionate rookie news reporter who is employed due to a “dummy” employment system at a TV broadcasting station in Sapporo. The management believed that a “dummy” (i.e. the candidate that showed the worst performance during the interview) will have the potential to be one of the best employees and also unleash the hidden potential of the team due to their incapability. And so, Yukimmaru’s adventure begins!

Working with Yukimaru is never dull. One time, she was working on a news feature involving phone scams and tried to convince the sound effect team to use her own hummed version of a melody that she thinks will “make you want to fall for the fraud.” Another time, while visiting a police station she forgot about her purse in the police car and even left some green onions (she claimed it was for filming purposes!) on top of the same car!


Though her unpredictable antics at work drive her colleagues crazy, they unknowingly enjoy her presence as she provides comic relief to a very tense working environment. You will find yourself rooting for her while laughing with her too!


4. The Late Late Show with James Corden (American late-night talk show)

James Corden and Mariah Carey

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


The Late Late Show is famous for its monologues and straightforward studio interview set-ups since its beginning in the 90s. However, UK-born TV personality James Corden (the present host) has successfully rebranded the show into more than a typical late-night talk show, including creative and interactive segments featuring multiple celebrity guests. Well-known for his sassy and fancy antics alongside his good voice (He was in ‘Cats’ with Taylor Swift!), Corden is brilliant in terms of poking fun at celebrities and making them do things that we thought famous people would never do publicly.


Imagine singing karaoke and exchanging jokes with One Direction, BTS, Mariah Carey and many more in the same car (Carpool Karaoke), having a bus tour with the Marvel heroes in Los Angeles (Movie Cast Interviews), and literally doing a musical in the middle of the street (Crosswalk Musicals – which is my personal favourite, the drivers’ reactions are just priceless!). The show’s funny point is certainly hugely credited to Corden’s wit and ability to bring the fun out of the celebrity guests. This makes it appealing to an audience of all ages!


5. The Big Bang Theory (US modern comedy sitcom)

Shows To Make You Laugh - The Big Bang Theory

Source: The New Yorker


Brainy is the new sexy. If nerdy jokes are your cup of tea, you will definitely find yourself laughing all the time throughout the twelve seasons of this sitcom.


Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is a character that takes pride in his passion for science. At first glance, he may seem awfully annoying and overwhelmingly intelligent, but his occasional puzzling moments when it comes to understanding social cues and interactions with the opposite gender would make you root for him while laughing. His no-nonsense, expressionless facial expressions and unique way of talking will really grow on you!

While it is true that birds of a feather flock together (he has this group of really smart physicists/ engineer friends), it does not stop Mr Know-It-All from connecting with individuals or strangers (while correcting them!) that are clearly different from him. His straightforward and blunt comments (“I am a scientist, I never apologize for the truth!”) does not contradict his appreciation towards his loved ones. The Big Bang Theory is a well-written show with a perfect balance of science and humour; a combination that works surprisingly well!


Whether you wait to enjoy a weekly funny game show episode, indulge in short clips of silly antics of celebrity guests, or just immerse yourselves in other people’s stories, we’ve got you covered for your daily or weekly dosage of laughter! Happy laughing!

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