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Shows And Movies That Inspired Me To Be Creative And Resourceful

Whether you are studying or working, we have all heard about the importance of creativity (the ability to create, start something new) and being resourceful (the ability to make the best out of your present situation). The World Economic Forum listed creativity as the top 3 most demanded skills by employees by 2022. Having said that, creativity and resourcefulness are not exclusive qualities found in “gifted” individuals as they can be nurtured and cultivated by everyone at different life stages and situations. 


Here are some shows and movies that inspired me to be creative and resourceful and I hope you will enjoy them too.


1. Ratatouille

Creativity really begins when you stop dreaming to start creating and modifying.

Ratatouille Movie

Source: Screen Rant


Caught between his identity as a typical rat and his desire to be a cook like his favourite chef, Auguste Gusteau, Remy spends many of his days sneaking into an old lady’s kitchen to search for ingredients and imagining how nice it would be to explore the endless wonders of food. He eventually finds himself in the kitchen of his favourite chef’s restaurant and gets to create food after a series of twists and turns, by directing his new human friend, Alfredo Linguni’s every decisions and movement in the kitchen.


While watching this animation, I am reminded that nothing comes from nothing, especially in the case of daydreaming regardless of how creative your ideas are. Remy could have just continued to daydream and return to his old life of “stealing” food. His decision to “rescue” Linguni’s soup (creating a new recipe in the process!) was the turning point of his life. Though he was hiding behind Linguini most of the time, his skills shine and he eventually received his due recognition.


At times, creativity can also be manifested in the simplest, unexpected manner without excessive fanciness. Sometimes all it takes is just ONE step of modification and voila you are in for a surprise. The next time you are in the kitchen or feeling stuck in the process of coming out with something, remember that adding, removing, replacing different (sometimes unexpected!) ingredients/ methods might just do the trick!


2. Start-Up

Creativity with a purpose is a gift that can transform lives, one step at a time.

Start Up Show

Source: South China Morning Post


Despite being hyped due to the love triangle (It is a K- drama after all!), Start-Up has a refreshing take on entrepreneurship and the process of taking a creative idea and making it into a meaningful reality. We get to witness the main characters’ growth from their humble beginnings to their journey of becoming true entrepreneurs.


The main takeaway for me is recognizing how creativity with a purpose gives you a better perspective on taking your venture to a higher level. Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) and his team are well versed with artificial intelligence but their talents land them on a plateau until they found a platform to use their skills for a greater purpose. It was until they invented an image recognition software with sound for the blind upon learning that Dal Mi’s grandmother is going blind, that they begin to have a clearer direction in their start-up.


Another element that inspires me is the character growth of In Jae (Kang Han Na). In Jae initially started her start-up company to seek revenge from her stepfather, and did not consider direct impacts and solutions to overcome the limitations of her product towards other sectors. But she eventually reflects on her mistakes and found purpose as an entrepreneur to use AI to make the society better, which makes her happier as a result. Later together with Do San and Dal Mi, her company successfully launched a self -driving car, Tarzan (Watch the drama to find the reason behind this naming!)


3. The Martian

To be resourceful, you need to develop the ability to apply and multiply, sometimes collectively.

The Martian Movie

Source: Good Housekeeping


Adapted from the book by Andy Weir (The book is amazing!), this movie focuses on the survival story of Mark Watney (Matt Damon), a crew of the Ares III mission, who was left alone in Mars after he was struck by debris and separated from his team following a sand storm. Watney must overcome his despair to quickly find a way to survive and go back to Earth while finding ways of communicating with NASA and his crew members who are still unaware of his current status of being alive.


Applying his knowledge as a botanist to grow potato is one thing, but transforming his head knowledge to continuously grow multiples of potatoes with so many limitations is the real deal. He needs to do the math by counting how he can survive beyond the estimated survival days before he can connect with his home planet. Watney demonstrated 100% resourcefulness by going through his colleague’s belongings to start a fire, mixing everyone’s waste products to create fertile soil for plantation. In Watney’s own words, “Mars will come to fear my botany powers!”


The movie also highlights how resourcefulness can be maximized with combined strength and effort. At NASA, different talents from different departments exchanged ideas, undergo test and trials under tremendous pressure with pressing deadlines with one common goal- to bring the entire ARES III mission crew back home safely! [Spoilers ahead!] Without the space collaboration of China and USA, an unconventional solution by an astrodynamicist to strategize the rescue mission, the decision of the crew team to extend their mission time and spontaneously create a bomb (one of them is a chemist!) on space, Watney would not have made it home alive!


4. Making It

Never allow your present resources to limit you from creating endless possibilities and fun!

Making It Show

Source: Honolulu Magazine


This reality competition show is co-hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman where each contestant from the craft industry will compete in two craft-making categories, namely the Faster Craft Challenge and Master Craft Challenge. For the Faster Craft category, the contestants are given 3 hours to create an item. For the Master Craft, they have a longer time to create a more elaborate themed collection. One winner will be selected for both categories every episode by two judges. However, it is their performance for the Master Craft category that will determine whether they will remain in the competition. The grand prize winner will walk away with $100,000.


Now in its 3rd season, this is a light-hearted competition that celebrates creativity and demonstrates how the contestants maximize their resourcefulness (using different materials and household items).


Every episode inspires me to think outside of the box when I watch how one single theme is expressed differently and how the makers strive under time constraints and expectations. Both creativity and resourcefulness can both be achieved through the channelling of imagination and the attention to details, aesthetics and functional value of creating a craft!



We hope you will be inspired to make creativity and resourcefulness part of your daily routine while watching these shows and movies! These two qualities will add more colours, fun and opportunities to your life. If you would like more recommendations, check out these articles for shows and movies that every aspiring entrepreneur or career-driven individual will love. Here are more shows and movies recommendations for self-discovery too!

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