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Should You Apply For A Job You Are Interested In But Not Qualified For?

Day by day, we constantly hear stories from fresh graduates and job seekers who share their job-seeking experiences. These stories often touch on how job openings focus heavily on extensive experiences, leading to many applicants being rejected.


Apart from that, a large number of roles are also lined with extreme expectations. Albeit, the will, and determination of many job seekers are amazingly inspiring as many choose to not give up and continue to pave way for new opportunities.


Two woman at a job interview


On the flip side, it’s also almost a norm now to read real-life stories on how brave, confident individuals successfully bagged positions despite having applied for roles that they would not have necessarily been qualified for. The reason solely has always been because these individuals had acted on an opportunity, without doubting themselves.



This begs the question – could you also apply for a job despite not being as qualified?

Truth be told, it is this very undeserving mindset that we have led ourselves to believe that limits our opportunity. While being confident to pursue an opportunity could be one of the factors, it at times depends on the skills one brings to the table and more importantly, the organisation that is willing to take a chance.


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In short, yes, one should apply for a role they are interested in despite not being qualified. However, it’s also crucial to highlight a few parameters to this – in doing so, one should have the right skill sets and should also consider applying for a role at a company that practices an open, flexible culture with modern views.



Now, comes the other big question – how do you do it? 

1. Eliminate your ‘imposter syndrome’ 

First, you need to remove the negative mindset blocks you have. Those statements of “‘I’m not good enough” or “I don’t have relevant experiences” do not help your process of applying for a role. When you allow yourself to think in such a manner, ultimately your mind will subconsciously embrace those sentiments as the truth.


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Instead, fill yourself with positive affirmations that help bring you the confidence to pursue the opportunity. Repeat affirmations like “I am confident” or “I am worthy and I deserve this role”. Despite this seeming like a minor aspect, it would potentially play a huge role.


2. How to sell yourself best 

Second, be creative in the way you pitch. Surely, you have heard of the importance of selling yourself. And sure, resumes and online job applications are the absolute way to go to make sure you are seen. However, when the playing field is, well, not as level and opportunity for you, you need to know how to push yourself to be a worthy candidate. Doing these two things differently could help transform yourself to be distinct:


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    • Direct application email: If you are looking to apply for a role at a startup, consider doing the extraordinary by reaching out directly to the boss. Sounds like a crazy plan right? But, if you are reaching out to organisations with a more modern view, this might be just the thing that could grab their attention. But, what should your email highlight? It definitely needs to showcase your unique traits, what you believe the organisation could benefit from having you as part of the team, and how you can transform things in the company. Why this would make you a standout is because it naturally is a telling in your own words – something that small organisations appreciate as it showcases you more than just a person solely eager to climb the corporate ladder.


    • Video resume: Digitising resumes to be in video formats has been the single most innovative thing. Sending over resumes in a video format allows you to connect with your viewers, which in this case are your hiring managers. This also allows them to understand how you conduct yourself, through your words, gestures, and eye contact. More than that, video resumes also provide the opportunity for you to personally share your experiences, rather than having them written in a limited manner. 


3. Charming your hiring manager

Third, you need to constantly engage. Once you have secured an interview, it’s important to realise how crucial the first five minutes can be. For hiring managers, it’s all about connection; and so, if you are able to “charm” them in the first five minutes, chances are your interview could go on smoothly.


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In doing so, you need to understand what happens in the first five minutes: basic conversations. Yes, you read that right: those “How are you?”, “Have you eaten?”, “Was it hard finding this place?” questions could make or break the situation. You need to be prepared and learn how to broaden the conversation to touch on more humane, emotive aspects.




And there you have it! Three ways to get you to apply for that role you’re interested in even if you’re not qualified. It surely is scary, but you deserve it just as much as the next person. So why not give it a shot, and the best shot while you’re at it?


But, that’s not all! Sometimes, reality hits and checks you. The role you were interested in ended up not being yours as the organisation felt that you weren’t as qualified. Do not move on or give up – as this is your chance to further turn on your charms. Once you’ve received the news, always make sure to reply. Moreover, when doing so, you need to pursue another conversation in which you enquire for positions you can qualify for, according to your expertise. This discussion alone reflects your determination to want to grab the opportunities you deserve.


Sure, the outcome could still be not in your favour; but, giving your all is exceptionally much better than not trying at all. In life, expectations are and will always exist to work against you. Hence, you need to find a way to work past them and show your true potential.


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