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Housewarming Gift Ideas That Are Practical And Affordable

Moving out and having your own home is a huge milestone in everyone’s life. It is something everyone celebrates as a huge achievement. But, it can also be rather stressful and overwhelming living in a new place with all the cleaning going on. Hence, housewarming gifts are a lot more than just a kind gesture. Practical and thoughtful gifts can help homeowners make their houses feel more like home. These gifts don’t always have to be expensive, so here is a list of gifts that are both practical and affordable!

Herb Garden Kits

Pot plants
Herb garden kits make a great housewarming gift. It is a great and easy way for homeowners to start their own little herb garden. These kits have everything homeowners will need to start a herb garden. Most kits come with seeds, compost, planters, markers, and measuring cups. Some even come with instructions! You can easily find these kits online and they come in many varieties! Herb garden kits typically range from an affordable price of RM25 that includes all the basics, to over RM100. Expensive herb garden kits could include more varieties of seeds, more technologically advanced accessories and more, depending on what you are looking for. Herb gardens kits make a great gift as gardening is a great, relaxing hobby and the herbs can be used for cooking when they are grown. With their large price ranges and uniqueness, there is something perfect for everyone!
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Everyone can easily whip up their favourite go-to lazy day meals such as mac-and-cheese, or instant noodles. But let’s face it, when it comes to healthier meals that don’t come out of a box, not everyone can do it unless they usually help their parents in the kitchen. Some cookbooks even come with tips and tricks that make cooking easier or more effective. Hence, cookbooks with easy to follow recipes make a great housewarming gift for those who are not too familiar in the kitchen. Cookbook prices start at an affordable RM20. Furthermore, there are many different types of cookbooks such as those for baking, Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, and even specifically for soups! So, you’ll surely be able to find the perfect one as a gift.

Fancy baking tools

baking tools
Contrary to popular belief, not all fancy things break the bank, and baking tools are a great example! You can get a set of basic plastic measuring spoons at a budget price of RM5, and these are the most common types households would opt for as they work fine for a cheaper price. However, these might not be of the best quality and might need to be switched out in a few years. You can also get the fancier measuring spoons for approximately RM30 only! They are slightly pricier but are still affordable and of higher quality. These measuring spoons will likely last a lot longer and look fancier and more professional! Baking tools are also very practical you need them for ingredient measurements in both baking and cooking. Furthermore, these tools are often easily available in your nearest shopping mall and also make an easy last-minute housewarming gift!

A set of food storage containers

food containers
A nice set of food storage containers are highly underrated. Storage containers are very handy as they keep food fresher for longer, come in a variety of sizes, and are likely stackable which saves on storage space. Stackable storage containers can help make countertops neater and tidier. In addition to that, some plastic and glass containers are microwave-safe, which makes them very convenient and practical when reheating leftover food. They are also better for the environment as they are reusable and reduce plastic waste. This way, homeowners can cut costs from buying disposable plastic containers. A good set of food storage containers will only cost you RM57. It is a great price for something so practical and useful.

Candles in their favourite scent

scented candle
It is found that memories are very closely linked with scent, which is why we are instantly transported back in time when we get a whiff of a specific scent. The worst part about moving houses is feeling homesick. Having something that reminds homeowners of something more comfortable and safe will surely ease their homesickness. A candle in their favourite scent will make their house smell more like home. In addition to that, candles are known to be very calming. Hence, lighting it after a long, hectic day at work or a tiring day of moving will help them to relax and wind down. Nowadays, candles are available in a variety of scents, from the classic florals to customizable ones, so there is always a perfect candle for someone. A lovely candle of 170g is at an affordable price of RM65 and it can even double as decoration with its minimalist design.
You can get great scented candles here: Lilin + CO.

A spice rack

spice jars
Spices are an essential part of everyday cooking, which is why you can find them in any kitchen. However, many people tend to keep all their spices in a large cabinet, which causes them to lose track of what they currently have. Having a spice rack is very practical as it keeps all the spice bottles in one place and organizes them. This can also free up some extra space in the cabinets or on the counters. Additionally, they could even serve as a tasteful piece of kitchen decor. Spice racks do not cost much, but they do give the kitchen a luxurious touch. A standard spice rack costs around RM30, and the price may go higher for higher quality ones with unique functions.
These housewarming gift ideas are affordable and super practical. Try getting one the next time you attend a housewarming party to see if you’re able to brighten someone’s day and help them to feel more settled in their new place. Sentimental and thoughtful gifts can make them feel less homesick since their house will now have a personal touch.
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