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World Cup 2018: How The World Cup Brings Malaysians Closer Together

Ever since the long-awaited kickoff of the 2018 World Cup in Russia on 14th June, it has pretty much taken the spotlight across the world. Other than the nail-biting and thrilling sport itself, the world cup brings everyone together.

Oh, and bear in mind, it is not only the case for the participating countries but rather, even us, as Malaysians, are not able to resist the sense of belonging and excitement for this 4-year-once sporting event.

Believe it or not, this month-long international sporting event definitely brings us, Malaysians closer together.

1. Malaysians flood food places to watch the World Cup

Photo Credit: Bricks & Barrels, Hartamas

Be it at a mamak while drinking teh ais and munching on Roti Tissue, or at a bar with an ice cold beer and fries, we Malaysians definitely know how to enjoy the World Cup while doing what we do best, which is Makan!

Not only we get to munch on yummy food while enjoying a good match, we get to share the joys (and sorrow if your team lost) with our friends.

2. We all become “professional” football analysts.

Whether if we are seasoned football players or even consistent football fans or not, when it comes to the World Cup, there is a surge of sudden football “professionals” everywhere.

Be it discussing the match with our friends during the game, or arguing over predicting the winning team with our colleagues over lunch, we seem to be unable to resist jumping on the hype to talk about football during the World Cup season.

But all is good though, as this brings us even closer together, and allow small talk to be much more interesting other than discussing the weather.

3. The sense of belonging you share with people who support the same team

Despite us not being a part of this world cup (maybe one day!), we still take our loyalty to the team we support very seriously.

With wearing our team jerseys while watching the match, cheering to goals till the late AM, or feeling genuinely upset when our team loses a game, we definitely feel emotionally invested with our teams.

Hence, when you found a group of friends who are supporting the same team as you, it is as if you have found a place you belong.

Photo Credits: Shangri La Hotel, KL

All in all, through those sacrificed sleepless nights and watching live World Cup matches with our friends, this past month has definitely been a highlight of the year. As the finals are just a day away, while the third place playoffs happens tonight; no matter which team you are supporting (France for the win!), let us hold on to these moments, and indulge in this hype while it lasts.

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