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Why Is Skincare More Important Than Makeup in Your Twenties

by Emily Goh. |

Skincare For Rookies:

If you often feel like you don’t know enough about skincare, or often get overwhelmed by the choices and varieties of skincare in the market, this article series is here to help!

We will dive into topics that help you understand skincare better, and why it is important to us, and also how to find the right skincare that will suit your skin, keeping it healthy and happy, so you will feel more confident than ever.

This series is brought to you in collaboration with Rooki Beauty.

Do you remember your first time buying your own makeup? It is always an incredibly exciting experience – you get to put on different textures of your products, play with different colours, and experience with different looks for different occasions.

On the other hand, when it comes to skincare, it is comparatively anti-climactic. This is simply because skincare is a long-term investment, and you don’t get to see instant results, or even experiment with different products to create fun looks where you can “werk it” on a night out.

Image: @v_solid on Instagram

Nevertheless, as we grow into our twenties, you will see beyond the fun and excitement of slathering on make up, and start to value the importance of skincare. If you are a makeup junkie, don’t worry, we are not asking you to put away your palettes!

A good and reliable skincare regimen with quality products like Rooki Beauty can help create a better canvas for your make up looks, and may even reduce over-reliance on makeup products that are used to conceal your skin’s flaws and problems, such as pimples, huge pores or redness that comes with sensitivity.

If you are still not convinced, here are some key reasons why its time to start investing in better quality skincare products, and why it is important to give your skin some TLC, before it is too late.

1. Skincare produces long term results, makeup provides short term fixes.

Image: The Jakarta Post

We know the temptation of investing in makeup, simply because you can plaster it on and your skin would look instantly better. And of course, it is practical too, because when there is an unexpected bad skin day, it will save you from the dilemma of cancelling your date because you have a monster-looking pimple right on your forehead. Tap on some concealer and finish it off with a good coverage foundation, and no one has to know!

However, when you invest in quality skincare products, you will be able to reap its benefits throughout a long period of time. If you have tried both good and bad skincare (or skincare that suit or did not suit your skin type), you would know the difference it can make.

When you are using high-quality skincare that matches your skin, your skin will naturally look calmer, i.e., less redness, and also less prone to breakouts.

If you tend to have “angry” skin resulting from pollutants or chemical reactions from your make up products, Rooki Beauty's Honey Matcha Cleansing Drops has the ability to soothe inflamed skin after a few uses. This is because it is one of the few products in the market that uses real honey instead of honey extract in its ingredients, ensuring your skin is fed with quality superfoods that it needs.

2. Skincare can help your skin stay youthful, while make-up can only act as temporary coverage.

Also, we don’t mean to scare you, but as we enter our mid-twenties, our skin is no longer as resilient as it is when we were younger.

This is the best time for us to start using quality skincare that can continuously protect and nourish your skin, so that it can reduce ageing processes like freckles or wrinkles. Using specially formulated products like Rooki Beauty’s Green Pulp Paste Masque that acts like a skin reviver, can help you reset your skin, leaving it with a youthful afterglow that would be perfect for when your skin looks tired and dehydrated.

Hence, if you are entering your mid-twenties, it is a good time to start exploring anti-ageing skincare products, because like all things, prevention is always better than cure - so you can set the groundwork for youthful-looking skin throughout your thirties.

3. Too much make up may harm your skin in the long run.

As much as make up is all fun and games, it is still harsher products meant to be layered on to hide your skin’s imperfections. Just think of it this way – makeup is meant to be taken off at the end of the day, while skincare is meant to be soaked in and enjoyed by your skin to be happy.

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Hence, with overuse of make up products on a daily basis, you may risk your skin from feeling aggravated or triggered, even more so if you have sensitive skin. But with a good skincare routine, you are able to provide your skin with the nutrients they need and improving its condition through time.

4. Make up is not sufficient to protect your skin.

We know a lot of base makeup like BB cushions or foundations have sunscreen incorporated in it, but essentially, it is not enough to protect your skin from sun exposure.

Image: NBC News

When you put more investment, be it time and effort into using skincare, you provide your skin with a protective barrier that can prevent sunspots or damage from environmental factors like dust or irritants that may clog up your pores.

If you think that environmental pollutants or sun rays are not affecting your skin, we are sorry to break it to you, but the effects will only show as your skin matures. So always remember to put on a quality sunscreen before you head out the house.

5. Skincare can actually help you save money on make up.

When you invest in quality skincare products like natural or organic skincare, even more so when they are made by clinically-proven ingredients, you will largely improve your complexion and skin condition.

Image: Style Caster

Think about it this way, good skincare is the unsung hero of your amazing looks. Often times, what you see on someone’s face when they are out and about, is the result of their time and investment in the skincare throughout the night before.

When you use a nutrient-packed moisturiser like the Rooki Beauty Superfood Saviour Creme, it will supply your skin with the moisture and hydration it needs, while repairing damages caused by environmental pollutants throughout your good night’s sleep.

When you wake up, your skin will be glowy and visibly improved! With that, you are able to save money on foundations or concealers that are used to mask your skin’s flaws. If you want to still play around with different looks, all you need to do is use products like eyeshadows or lipsticks and you are good to go. Remember, it is always a bonus to have a great canvas for you to build your make up looks.

If you are currently looking for quality skincare to invest in, do check out Rooki Beauty! We recently came across this brand and got very fascinated with it, simply because it is entirely made from Superfoods! It uses ingredients like real honey, kale or even matcha that is packed with nutrients and benefits for our health, and even more so for our skin.

Do check out their products if you are interested to see how your favourite smoothie ingredients can be transformed into a healthy boost for your skin, to keep it radiant and happy.

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