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Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Marie Kondo?

by Suzi Mellisa.

We are only weeks into 2019 and the internet is already buzzing with new trends. Starting off the year with the KonMari buzz and almost everyone is or rather was busy posting their #10yearchallenge photos, but there are some that are still obsessing over Marie Kondo.

For those whom are familiar with Japanese shows and follow Japan-obsessed bloggers, Marie Kondo is a familiar household name. They look up to her for her tidying up and organizing tricks. I’ve heard of Marie Kondo a few years back but her popularity soared when her Netflix show was released, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo early this year.

I have to admit, I didn’t decide to watch her show until almost everyone I followed on social media were recommending it. So, it was top on my to-watch list.

Now, who is Marie Kondo and why is everyone obsessed with her?

Source: KonMari

Before her Netflix show, it all started with a bookThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She introduced her KonMari method, to get rid of items that you no longer need in your wardrobe or in her words, items that no longer spark joy in your life.

Before discarding your items, you should thank it before you get rid of it, which is quite a different approach, and some may find it rather odd. Marie believes that every item you own should have impacted you in some way or another.

Let’s admit it, we all have at least one drawer(s) in a corner of our house or a closet that is bursting with miscellaneous items and clothes that are dated back years ago and have never seen daylight in a long time. Keeping all of these not only takes up unnecessary space, but also contributes to the mess that is pilling up in your home.

But ask yourself, do these items spark joy in your life?

Does it makes you happy? Why are you keeping it?

Viewers get inspired to tackle the mess in their home after watching an episode or two. What’s more with the “new year, new me” phase most of us are going through, we are still high on trying to fulfill our new year resolutions and watching Marie Kondo show definitely help to kickstart the year in a clean slate after decluttering your space and turning it neat and spotless.

Declutter your space and it will declutter your mind, this is the motto that I live by.

In her show, Marie Kondo inspires people to get their sh*t together for a better version of themselves. People are obsessed with Marie Kondo because her methods are simple tricks that can solve our already complicated organization problems. I grew up folding my socks into a ball and when I saw a hack once on Twitter. And I tried Marie Kondo method of folding her socks in one of the episodes.

I know this may sound dramatic but my perspective has changed because suddenly my wardrobe is a whole lot neater. Every time I look at all the neatly folded

clothes in my wardrobe,

I feel so much happier and calmer.

Marie Kondo really sparks joy in us with her method. The Twitter-sphere is flooded with happy tweets from people whom had tried her method and they swear by it now. The method of keeping only things or garments that make you happy of course will lead to minimalistic lifestyle.

This allows us to think twice when spending money because we should ask ourselves whether the item that we are buying sparks joy in our life, if it’s not, thank it,

put it down and move on.

But of course, those aren’t the only things most are thanking Marie Kondo for. Some even applied the spark joy method in their daily lives, not only their home and wardrobe. Some Twitter users are tweeting that they are applying the KonMari method in their relationships.

Anyone that doesn’t spark joy in your life, it’s time to let them go. Toxic friends, selfish relatives, backstabber colleagues, it’s time to toss this negativity away, after thanking them for coming into your life.

A spotless, neat home with only things that make you happy surrounding your life. This is all derived from a simple KonMari method; it’s no wonder everyone is obsessed with Marie Kondo.

Do you think the KonMari method is worth the hype? Let us know below!

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