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Why I Should Spend My Long Weekend At Home

by Sharmin Jeet

Living in Malaysia has its own perks - one of it is having countless holidays due to our status as a multiracial country. Almost every month, there is at least one public holiday.

Well, since this weekend is going to be a long one as well, we know you would also want to do something productive before heading back to the office on Tuesday. Worry not, we've got this covered for you!

Here are some little things you can do this weekend without having to spend a ton on, while being able to catch up on some rest and relax.

1. Social Media Detox.

If you are someone who finds yourself scrolling on Facebook and Instagram every now and then, perhaps you could use a social media detox over the long weekend.

I know what you are thinking...“This is the best time to scroll my feed!”

While staying online means you are staying connected to the latest happenings, trends and even catching up with what your friends have been up to. This can be overwhelming to our mental and physical health, so maybe we could use some time off and enjoy some real connections, be it with yourself or with your loved ones.

Taking some time off during the long weekend is definitely a good time, as there is less chance that you might hear about certain interesting happenings on social media from your colleagues or friends, which can lure you into railing off your detox journey.

2. Binge watch shows on Netflix.

This the best time to catch up on movies or TV series you’ve been wanting to watch for the longest time while on a social media detox!

Personally, I believe Netflix is an idea of a genius ; you can watch almost every genre available, all in one place. With endless choices and plenty of time in hand, you can binge watch at least 1 series over the weekend. You can also choose to do movie marathons instead, given that Netflix contains one of the finest movie collections out there!

If movies and series are not your kind of thing, then you can always choose documentaries or hop onto YouTube for how-to videos. It will be an educational long weekend for you.

3. Plan for the next long weekend.

Vacations are something that we anticipate for once everything has been set in stone. But, planning for it isn’t the easiest task to do. In fact, it can be quite time-consuming.

Rushing into it will not be the best idea as you may miss out on upcoming great deals on flights and hotels with last-minute planning. Take advantage of this best time and plan it over a long weekend, where you are able to focus without being distracted. Although it might be quite tedious, you will be rewarding yourself an almost completed itinerary for your next vacation by the end of the weekend.

4. Meet Up With Old Friends and Family.

With most of us having an on-the-go lifestyle, we tend to get busier day by day with our priorities. Undeniably, priorities are priorities, but let’s take advantage of the long weekend to meet and catch up with your friends or even your family members who live further, given the chances of them having a long weekend at the same time as well! It can just be a simple get together over a cup of coffee or a movie.

5. Catch Up On Sleep and Relax

You have been working hard over the past weeks chasing after due dates, cracking your head over different issues and submitting reports - the list goes on.

What is sweeter than a good sleep without the sound of an alarm or having to hit the snooze button? You can choose to spend the long weekend on your bed, snuggling under your favorite comforter and having a good rest. After all, you deserve it for all the hard work you've put in.

Even if you love a jam-packed long weekend filled with activities; it doesn't matter what you choose to do over the long weekend. What really matters is you are having a good time, staying hydrated, and taking good care of yourself!

What are your plans for the long weekend? Have a great one!

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