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Why I Became Best Friends with My Mum After I Grew Up

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

by Ruth Kezia Hope Muthu. |

We have all been through this cycle of life—reverencing our parents as really strong forces in our families, hiding the silliest things from them to avoid getting scolded and having our own circle of close friends because we were not able to share much with our parents. Does that sound familiar? That is because we’ve all been in the same boat once, but now, I’m glad and proud to say that I’m no longer in it.

When I was younger, I was just like most of you. I often felt that my parents who were from an older generation (obviously!) could not relate to most of the things I wanted to share with them. Therefore, I drew a line between what I shared with my best friends and what I told my parents. I had a thought within myself that always told me that—my parents = serious business, no hanky-panky.

Time flew and as I grew older, I began discovering a few things about my potential new best friend—my Mum. (Don’t get me wrong, my dad is my best friend too..)

1) A best friend in need is my mum indeed

Back in high school, I had a bunch of friends that I could always talk to, but leaving for college meant that I had to adjust to new surroundings. Being an introvert initially, I needed time to make new friends. During that transition period, I realized that ‘mummy’ was my best friend. I used to come back home and tell her all that happened in college. I still remember the days I used to WhatsApp her photos of what I was eating for lunch in college because I was alone for a few days—till I found a bunch of awesome friends. A few weeks into college, I had new friends but I still sent her photos of my lunch because I felt that my best friend shouldn’t feel left out.

2) She had my back

As cliché as it sounds, she has always had my back. As a teen, I did have my share of struggles. During those instances, I felt that no one my age was mature enough to help me handle my problems and there came my best friend reassuring me that everything would be fine in time to come, and most importantly, she taught me to put my trust in God.

3) No rivalry, nor envy

If you have a best friend who is of similar age, you might have noticed that there might be some sort of competition regardless of whether it comes to college grades or career progression. You might not have addressed it openly but it would have definitely been running around in your mind subconsciously. As I grew older, I decided that my mum would be the apt person to become my best friend because there would never be any sort of rivalry, because come on! What mum would be jealous of her daughter?

4) Experience

Just like how companies hire experienced staff, I became best friends with my mum after realizing that my mum is way more experienced in life than I am. The problems that I considered as mountains, she tackled them like stones. She has a simple solution to every great problem. Despite being a homemaker, she has the calibre of a CEO.

My mum is the first person I call or text when I have good or bad news; she is still the person I bug on an hourly basis when I’m at home; she is the only person I watch YouTube videos with; she is the only person whose opinions matter the most; she’s the only person whom I don’t mind getting scolded by; and she’s the cool one who agrees to whatever Instastory filters I choose—that’s what best friends are for. I'm thankful for our relatinship.

If you’ve missed out on having your mum or dad as your best friend, it’s high time you recruit them in your BFF circle—you’d never know how fun and loving they are unless you get close to them.

A note to my best friend (Mum) and my second best friend (Dad):

Mummy and daddy, for all the times we have shared as best friends, I hope that someday I’ll be able to be that same best friend to my kids. 

You may find out more about Kezia on her Instagram too.

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