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5 Places To Sell Your Old Phones & Buy Quality Second-hand Ones

by Dewi Ridzuan. |

With the rumours of the new iPhone 12 priced more than RM6,000, I’m pretty sure none of us want our beloved phones to just die out in a landfill. Hence why recycling is such a norm now as more people are investing in minimizing e-waste!

This means that your old phones can get refurbished just like antique furniture. It gets cleaned, repaired and sold to another owner who will love it! If you have a bunch of old smartphones or gadgets, here’s a bunch of places to sell them. Before I forget: you can buy the latest smartphones too, at a cheaper price!

1. CompAsia

CompAsia not only lets you get the best smartphones for a good price, they also help reduce e-waste too!

CompAsia is one of the most reliable companies that can increase the longevity of mobile life whilst minimizing e-waste. They’re the parent company of the app Instacash, where users can sell their phones with a few easy taps! All users have to do is answer a quick 5-minute survey of their phone, run a diagnostic test and boom, you can cash out!

There are a few steps to be taken before you get your money. However, they have made it easier for you as they’ll send a driver to wherever you are to pick up your phone! The money will then be banked in to you within the same week.

Under CompAsia, you can also buy second-hand phones like Apple, Huawei, Samsung and more! You just need to head over to their e-Store and start browsing for ‘the one’. With them, you don’t have to worry about being ripped off. They’re one of the most trusted companies in Asia when it comes to buybacks and trade-ins!

2. Digital Mall

Personally, what makes Digital Mall the best option is because they cover nearly every area of tech there is. Almost every affordable or luxury brand is situated in this building, and I guarantee that you won’t need to visit another branch to get the item you want (unless they’re out of stock la.)

Situated in Petaling Jaya, this medium-sized technological complex has everything you could possibly imagine! It’s a tech wonderland, where you can find all sorts of brands in one building. Need to get a new screen protector for cheap? Want to service your laptop but can’t afford the original store price? Digital Mall* is the place to stop by! On each floor, you can find either the actual brand store like Machines or Dell, then there are those shops where you can negotiate prices!

Majority of their shops also sell second-hand phones for cheap, and customers can haggle and bargain as much as they want for the best price tag. The ‘All IT Hypermarket’ also spans the entire top floor, so instead of having to stop by every shop downstairs to find your desired item, just go 3 floors up!

*Best to go there in-person as they don’t have an online store

3. Plaza Low Yat

The infamous Plaza Low Yat is especially for those who are looking to shop till they drop - but for all things tech!

Source: FHI Hotels

Plaza Low Yat is similar to Digital Mall, but it’s made up of 12 floors and situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Each floor or 2 is dedicated to a certain category. Usually, the first 4 floors are speckled with various smartphone, desktop and laptop shops. Then the rest are the floors where you can get your phone or device repaired at a really affordable price!

Just like Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, you can bargain and negotiate prices with the shops here too. Just be sure that you have got the haggling skills! Plaza Low Yat is also the popular place for brands to organize their launch or event, so make sure you stop by there too when a new drop is coming soon.

4. Online Marketplaces

Who said you could only sell and buy your phones face-to-face? There are tonnes of digital marketplaces for you to explore!

Firstly, Shopee is an e-commerce giant providing the utmost transparency for its customers. You can check out the reviews left behind by other customers so that you can gauge better when making a purchase. Shopee is also the leading marketplace with the most promotions and offers, so go claim your free shipping vouchers now!

Lazada, on the other hand, is a competitor to Shopee, but you can say they’re on the same level. A plus point for Lazada is that they are known for their being reliable when it comes to tech products, as they do have a bigger catalogue than Shopee in this area. Aside from that, Mudah.my is also a popular place to buy and sell second-hand items. Out of the 3, Mudah.my is arguably the cheapest when it comes to deals and has the least work when it comes to store setup.

All 3 sites have a super user-friendly interface when it comes to setting up your own shop too! So, it’s up to you to decide which page to browse.

5. Takumiko

Need to sell something other than your phone, like a smartwatch or earphones? Takumiko is the platform for you!

Takumiko allows you to sell all sorts of your old gadgets. From smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, video games and more! After giving your gadget at any of the drop-off points, you can expect payment within 7-10 business days after inspection.

However, if you’re keen on buying instead, it’s safe to do so with Takumiko! Not only do all devices under them go through a 25-point inspection, but you get a free 30-day warranty on your purchase. If you’re someone who has to see it to believe it, do know that they only have 2 store locations in Cheras. On the other hand, you could always opt to check out their Carousell and buy from there instead!

There you have it, folks! If you ever need instant cash for emergencies, these are the places to go! Now, you have 5 different options to choose from if you ever just want to have something new to take selfies with. Don’t forget to be honest too though, especially if you’re going to be a seller instead!

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