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Where and How To Boost Your Business’ Productivity

by Dewi Ridzuan. |

Running a business isn’t something that you can do so easily and just say ‘capisce’. That is why so many people - including many famous figures - have failed time and time again. However, with the advent of technology, we can now learn from other entrepreneurs’ past mistakes and innovate from there. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it doesn’t hurt to learn a trick or two from someone else’s sleeve! 

Whether you’re a full-time student or someone working a dead-end job that doesn’t really align with their passion, anyone can build a business. It just takes perseverance and a mind that is motivated by criticism. To start off, here are some easily consumable ways for you to become a more well-rounded entrepreneur.

1. Shark Tank

If you have not heard of Shark Tank, it is time for you to get your earphones! Ever since their debut in 2009 on American tele, they have gained a global audience and converted many people into entrepreneurs. Why? It’s a television show where you can learn the ABC’s of  business!

Source: Variety 

The show has featured business moguls like billionaire Mark Cuban, QVC queen Lori Greiner, tech whizz Robert Herjavec and the witty ‘Mr. Wonderful’, also known as Kevin O’Leary. You do not know who they are now, but you’ll learn why people love them so much. The show is simple; entrepreneurs come into the ‘Shark Tank’ to pitch their business model. From there, the ‘sharks’ will ask all sorts of questions pertaining to the business. 

From here, you can learn about a variety of business models and how endless the opportunities are! From the Sharks’ discussions, one can get to know the different types of equity stakes and see how important proprietorship is to a business. The Shark Tank is also a place you can get an introductory look into the workings of investing and series funding. If you are still not sure, just know that one of our very own Malaysians has survived the tank! Amber Leong had landed a RM3.3 million deal on her light-therapy lamp business. So if you want to get your gears cranking, catch the show on Netflix!

2. Skillshare

There are so many platforms to learn business on, and Skillshare has marketed themselves to be one of the best. It is an online platform where people can teach others their skills in a class-format! If you miss being in school or want the online class experience, this is the place to start.

Source: Skillshare

Skillshare covers a range of categories like entrepreneurship, marketing, business analytics and more! Unlike other platforms, they give you 2 months-free of Skillshare content upon signup, as long as you are willing to also take up the premium subscription afterwards. It’s not just for entrepreneurs though, they also cover the arts, social sciences, and even UI/UX design. Although for now the prices are in USD, you can still opt for the free version. The catch is that premium membership gives you access to all videos both online and offline!

3. HarvardX (EdX)

Ever wanted to introduce yourself as a Harvard graduate? Well, now you can! Harvard EdX  is the brainchild of Harvard University, where you can enroll into their free online classes. The best part is that you are actually taught by Harvard professors and partners.

EdX covers 36 areas of interest, from data science to humanities and even political science! Don’t be pressured by the prestige of this programme, for you do not need to have a diploma or any certificate to begin a class. These videos allow self-paced learning and there are also tonnes of introductory classes for you to choose from! On the plus side, it may be free but that does not mean that you cannot ever be certified. In each class, which lasts for about 4 weeks give or take, you can get a valid certificate! Of course, you would have to pay around $90 dollars for it but that’s an attractive price to be called Harvard grad. 

Don’t confuse EdX with Harvard Business School Online, though. They are practically the same, but the difference is there is a payment for the latter. With Harvard Business School Online, you get more in-depth learning just like attending their on-campus classes. The classes are also longer, some even going on for 17 weeks and you are granted a certificate.

4. Udemy

Udemy is similar to Skillshare, so you can try out both or opt for one. Udemy has over 100,000 courses and is frankly a little more popular. However, it is up to you to decide which platform you like better! It is free for a month, before a subscription fee is imposed, then again most educational platforms are like that right now. Not many people can guarantee free education unless it’s Bernie Sanders trying to eliminate student debt.

Source: Cultus

Udemy also has a smooth interface on their mobile app, so be rest assured that you can access their materials anywhere at any time! Since their inception in 2010, they now offer courses in over 65 languages with over 50,000 instructors ready for you. The subscription fees are also in USD, but again you’re learning from industry leading innovators. Another upside to it is that the classes are in a way cheaper. Some are priced at only $10 per class, so ideally you could learn 10 different things for only $100!

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy has to be one of the best online platforms to learn just about anything. They are considered the ‘OG’ of all online educational programmes. Started by Salman Khan, it is a video-based platform where people can learn various topics in under an hour. Their user friendly interface is also great for parents, students and teachers to use in the classroom!

Another thing about Khan Academy is that they are really big on making it a personalized experience. You can choose when to start or stop, and there’s never a deadline or expiry date to your course. This academy is not just for 18 year olds and above, there are courses even for kids in standard two and above. So, you can get your kid brother or sister on it too!

But how can Khan Academy help your business? Well, a business is only as good as its creator. On this platform, you can get in-depth classes in economics and finance. They also have a special category just for entrepreneurship, as well as how to help you balance your personal financing. The best part about Khan Academy? It is totally free! However, if you feel a little bit generous and want to thank them for creating accessibility to knowledge free, you can  donate to their fund.

We’ve reached the end of the list. However, just know that there are many more options to boost your business’ productivity! Depending on how you like to learn best, one can attend business symposiums, conferences or even through movies like The Wolf of Wall Street, The Greatest Showman, and more. The possibilities are endless, they only cease when you stop looking for them!

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