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Where and How I Find Inspiration To Work Harder

by Nurul Nadiya. |

Every morning, we get up, and within the next few hours, we're either at class or work, to hustle and work hard to achieve what we want, the goals, and everything that we already set on our mind. It is a routine and I'm sure we have those days where we lack inspiration and motivation to work or get things done in general.

Have you guys ever wonder where and how we find the inspiration to achieve all those things to remain successful in our life? And yes, the questions keep rolling, from time to time, when we focus on something that we want to achieve. Each and every one of us have different ways in finding inspiration to work harder but here are a few of my tips:

Isolation Teaches The Meaning of Achieving What You Want

During my schooling days, people used to think that I was entitled because my mother was a teacher in my school. I realized that every great opportunity that I had during those times were not pleased by everyone. I won't go too much into the details but I felt that it was not fair for me to labelled by everyone around. It was tough but I'm glad I still had a few friends who were there for me and to be proud of myself.

Even until the final days of my schooling days I was isolated by a lot of friends, because perhaps of jealousy or maybe afraid of being scolded by my mother, thinking I would rat them out or that my mother had "ways" to provide me with those opportunities in school compared to other students.

At that moment, I realised that I didn't need that negativity and distraction. It taught me to find my own inspiration to work harder, without the people who didn't support me on the things I wanted to explore. I decided to set my mind to work harder and be determined in everything that I do until I managed to achieve what I wanted and succeeded. As a result, it worked for me because I was able to focus and had a motivation to work harder to be a better version of myself.

Self-Reward Is The Main Charm

The phrase “make yourself an offer you can't refuse” by analyst Deepak Singh is one of my charms to work harder. It's important to give you an added drive to not only do it but to do it well.

I would make a list of items of what I would want to reward myself. When the time I am able to achieve it, I will give or get myself one of the rewards. It doesn't have to be something expensive but it could just be the littlest things that you really enjoy having or been wanting. For example, if you want to complete your house chores or even completing half of your favourite novel, set a deadline and reward. Let say you love to watch movie and having a lazy night watching Netflix, you may do so as soon as you able to obey the deadline. And it really works and you'll feel like you were productive and fulfilled! I find myself to be more motivated with this method.

Exceed Your Comfort Zone

For me, I love to challenge myself. I love new experiences and going beyond my comfort zone because I know I would be able to grow and learn from there. From that, I can find my own inspiration by seeing the true world and at the same time embrace my discomfort of the new things that I do. I will always tell myself to grab the chance because I believe I am able to expand my abilities and strive to work harder in completing all the challenges. (No pain, no gain?) For example, just like your fear of presenting in front of your boss, you would want to try not to make mistakes and research more to do better yourself.

It's only when you work harder to practice doing something that you are not familiar with the new atmosphere, and get it right and do it well, that's when you'll feel the thrill of it all. From there, it could give you inspiration to work harder and complete everything that you set your heart and mind out to do.

Prioritise Your Health

I'm sure we've heard this a million times and a million times that sleep is important. With enough sleep, you'll be able to focus better and it could give you the drive to find inspiration to work harder.

For comparison, your body is like a machine, if it's not functioning well, you aren't able to work well. It is such a waste if you are a workaholic but you continuously find yourself at the doctor's office. You'll find yourself wanting to take more breaks in between your work and it could disrupt your motivation to work. Pay attention to your body and take a good rest if needed.

At the end of it all, you will be more motivated in every day of your life once you open up your eyes. But still, do not forget to rewards yourself at the end of it all that you want to achieve at the end of the day. Stay focused on the way of doing things, and eventually, the inspiration will come through to you.

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