• Melissa Kartini

What the Fox? Crunch and Community Get Together for the First Time for Free Food & Cider!

Photo credit to @susanyong_

Last Friday, to express our appreciation to our awesome Community, we invited Community members to "Crunch & Munch"--an exclusive get together session for the Crunch team and the Community.

In addition, the entire event was powered by Apple Fox, which meant plenty of free, delicious apple ciders for everyone! And of course, what is a get together without some makan-makan, right? Yummy gourmet food was served throughout the 3-hour event, with games and a live band to liven up the atmosphere.

Along with expressing our thanks to the Community for their contributions, this event was held in conjunction with the launch of Apple Fox's new draught cider at participating bars, pubs and restaurants nationwide. This means Community members got to enjoy a cold glass of cider while hanging out with the Crunch team- and now you can too!

Photo credit to @susanyong_

As if that wasn't enough, there was also an Apple Fox pinball machine which gave Community members a chance to score their own free can of Apple Fox Cider. Score.

If you're bummed out about missing out on playing with the pinball machine, fret not, because these will also be available at participating supermarkets. And thanks to the upcoming Apple Day, Apple Fox is ready to unleash even more more goodies for us Malaysians! The first of which is a barter where Malaysians can trade in their own fresh apples for a cold Apple Fox Cider at any participating outlet.

Sounds super simple, no? On the weekends, there will also be an Apple Fox cider draught mobile tractor going around West Malaysia to give Malaysians a taste of the new draught cider at a tempting RM10 introductory price.

All in all, it was a super fruitful event. If you're looking forward to attending events like these with us, come and get involved in campaigns with us, or hey, send in Submissions to get on our radar!

Who knows, you might just find an invitation sitting in your inbox the next day ;)

Check out this website for more Apple Day promotions! For information about the pinball machine and mobile tractor, check out this page

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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