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What’s On Our Radar: IQ.Rock, Restage

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

  • Language(s): Malay, English

  • Director: Khairi Anwar

  • Starring: Shamnirul, Ranessa Theyakaraja, Haikal Hamdan, Megat Adli, Maza Maamor, Safia Azman, Aznie Azmi, Husnul Hadi, Akmal Barber, Tharwa Karina

"Each of them delivered such amazing performances that even with line drops, the energy, emotion, and truth were still present." -ianskatu

It is not all the time that our local theatre scene gets a lot of attention, but one play in particular has gotten quite a bit of it.

That play in question is "IQ Rock".

Back by popular demand, “IQ.Rock” is a play written by Khairi Anwar of Anomalist Production. This is a play that tackles the issue of education, family, demographic indifference and race in Malaysia. A thoughtful piece that allows us a glimpse into the lives of those in FELDA, “IQ.Rock” might just be the play we need. Because whether we’d like to admit it or not, whilst we are busy with our city lives, we often forget that there are those who live very different lives from ours.

Come along, and let’s take the time to learn about a different part of Malaysia.

So what is “IQ.Rock” about?

Have you ever wondered what the education system is like in rural areas like FELDA? IQ.Rock is an eye-opening educational play that will give us a deeper understanding of the education system in Malaysia. For a sense of just how different it is in rural areas like FELDA, here is what “education” means to people: the word “education” means almost nothing to them, as to them, it is merely a phase in life to gain a certification to work in factories.

How different it is from the life we know!

The main character, Azim, is a Form 5 student who goes to SMK Sri Serting in FELDA. Although it is his dream to leave his hometown to gain more knowledge, he remains a dutiful son who faithfully helps his father rubber tap every morning before school. Despite being born and raised in FELDA, Azim is markedly different from his friends in the sense he is aware of just how important education is.

Mary, a 50-year-old English teacher who had been teaching at elite schools all her life suddenly decides to teach in a rural area, thinking she could make a difference. The fact the English subject is one of the worst in the area doesn’t deter her in the least. Still, that isn’t the only hurdle she has to face, because little does she know that the students there despise all English teachers before her, due to differing backgrounds that they don’t find appealing.

The Form 5 students of SMK Sri Serting are going to take SPM at the end of the year, and Mary doesn’t have much time to ensure they do well in English. Will she be able to change their perspective about education? Can they pass SPM with flying colours? And will Azim be able to leave his hometown to pursue his dream?

Attend the play to find out. 😉

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