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Weekend Routines to Prepare Yourself for the Week Ahead

by Fatin Hafizah. |

It’s Fri-yay and all you want to do is turn off your alarm clock and chill. Yes, I get it! Been there, done that. Though it sounds good to just relax and not think about the week ahead, by having enough rest and to actually plan your week ahead over the weekend can help you have a more productive and organised week.

Maybe the reason we don't look forward to Mondays is that although we know what's in store for the week, we choose to still avoid planning ahead. If you're looking to get out of that cycle and cultivate new habits, perhaps these five simple tips could give you a better insight:

1. Take 1-2 hours to clean or de-clutter your space.

One of the perks of working at home is that I can quickly log off and continue with my plans for the day. So, on Fridays, I made it mandatory for myself to clean my house. A clean space makes me feel more motivated and at peace. Doing it on a Friday evening helps me have more time to relax during the weekend too. For those of you who do not have the time or rather not do it on Friday, try to take an hour or two from your Saturday and clean, de-clutter or do your laundry. You may dread it in the beginning but once you get the hang of tidying up, you’ll be surprised at how efficient you can be and it definitely won’t take as long as you thought it would. The best part is you wouldn't have to worry about having a messy household after coming home from a long day at work!

2. Plan your meals in advance.

I know many people like to do their groceries during the weekend as that is the only time they have available. But personally, I like to do them on a weeknight. After work hours, you will find that supermarkets are not as busy as they are during the weekend. You may not notice it before but being able to avoid the crowd will make your shopping go much faster. I highly recommend you to try it at least once and see if you can fit it into your schedule.

Preparing the groceries during the weekend can also help you see if there are any days you won’t be eating in, preventing you from wasting any food.

3. Plan your outfits.

If you're a female, you would know what I mean. Waking up, wondering “What should I wear that particular today?”. I used to not like this idea because I linger on too much on the thought of it. So, I thought why don't I start planning what I should roughly wear for the week and I realised I saved a lot of time getting ready. Well, let me tell you that once you have planned your outfits for the week, you wouldn't be in frantic; finding that white shirt to wear for that important meeting that you forgot to iron! You will really thank your past self for being so thorough on important days like these. Your days can get from 0 to 100 really quick, so having your outfits planned ahead will help you save more time and give you more time to do something more productive.

4. Take the time to rest.

One thing that all of us must do is prioritise having enough rest! Stop giving yourself excuses or having to run errands every single weekend and complain that you're always tired. We know you have a million and one things to do on your list but squeeze in some time alone to yourself. Be it watching a movie at home, reading a book or a home workout - just be sure to make time for yourself. We tend to overstress our bodies without even knowing it; hence, why it's important to unwind and let yourself and sometimes, just do.. nothing. Not for the entire weekend but perhaps in the evening?

5. Plan out your weekly goals.

Try not to think of goals as something intimidating or something that can only be achieved over a long period of time. Focus on planning your schedule and tasks you'd need to complete for the week ahead. You can put something as simple as “Workouts on Monday and Wednesday” as one of your goals, for example. Setting small weekly goals will help you see clearly what you want to try to achieve before turning it into a routine. It will also help you boost your enthusiasm for the week as you have a clear overview of what you'd need to do as oppose of going in blindly.

As much as we love to laze around the weekend, by making small plans ahead, you’ll feel more at ease and less stressed. Of course, unexpected things can still happen throughout the week but by preparing yourself for what you can, you can avoid any unwanted and unnecessary stress. If you think these tips can help you, be sure to do them according to your own pace so that you can maintain them. So, there you go. Here’s to a better week ahead!

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