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Websites To Discover Underrated Music

by Dewi Ridzuan. |

Music is a big part of each person’s personality, and more often than not it is one conversation piece that bonds people the fastest. Learning the lyrics of someone’s favourite song is like a gateway into their lives. Plus, genres closest to our hearts are comfort zones we never really want to tune out from.

Unwinding to our go-to playlists is a given, but it does sometimes cut us off from other unprecedented music. So, why not try getting to know other artists? If you’re ready to welcome new songbirds into your life, here is where to discover underrated music!

1. Tiny Desk

Music has never been more intimate ever since Tiny Desk came about. If you cherish live band performances, acoustics and small audiences, Tiny Desk will be your new haven for music.

Source: Vulture

Artists of all backgrounds come to this literally tiny desk setup, created by NPR Music and sing 4 to 5 songs. Their angle is that each video is a mini-concert on their YouTube, lasting around 18 to 20-ish minutes. They serve small audiences to be able to provide a more authentic and psychedelic music experience. Here, singers and members of the band will introduce themselves, unlike a normal concert where they hitch straight to the songs.

Tiny Desk doesn’t discriminate based on fandom size either, their live acoustic performances are done by small to internationally recognized artists. You can find the likes of Adele, Jorja Smith, Daniel Caesar, Raphael Saadiq, Wale and more. They have hosted over 800 concerts as of 2018, compiling 2 billion views overall.

2. Colors

COLORS Studios diversity is similar to Tiny Desks, but they have more non-Western artist representation! Their platform is the holy grail for original, raw music from artists around the globe. So if you want to listen to what other countries are vibing to, hit them up!

Source: A Colors Show

Having featured in TIMES Magazine, who quoted them as the ‘rising powerhouse for music discovery,’ you kind of get the gist why people love them so much. If you’re ever stuck in a music rut, COLORS is the show that will help you get out of it. It’s an easy set; artists fly in to sing and ciao, people then listen for the rawness of the music. Simplicity? Checked. Aesthetic? Also checked is having each artist sing in a colour blocked set.

You will find a wide playlist of artists, from underrated singers to viral figures. Who, you ask? Lianne La Havas, Masego, Phum Viphurit, Raveena and more. If you didn’t recognize one or more or those names, that’s the whole point of the channel. It’s a chance to experience your rebirth into music.

3. YouTube Mixes

YouTube has been annoying everyone with their premium subscription offer, but after finding out that they have music no other place has, this article may just make you succumb to their next premium pop-up.

Source: Healthcare Success

When I say that you cannot find music on YouTube elsewhere, I mean it. YouTube is the ‘it’ place where artists publish exclusive covers and renditions that they won’t put on solely music streaming apps. Live recordings like Fkj’s auditory concert, which is best listened to with earphones, is only found on YouTube. There are also 1 to 2 hour-long YouTube mixes with the best background music for when you’re studying or just need to chill.

It’s arguably the spot for lyrical comfort. You can also experience a different sensory experience with genres like dubstep, lo-fi, hip hop, instrumental music and more. Another new trend would be slowed & reverb songs, like this modified version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You.’ There’s also the reflex version of songs, like this one done to Earth, Wind and Fire’s ‘September,’ where the music is so clear that you think you’re in the club. Reflexed songs are an extended version of a song with deeper bass and clearer arrangements.

4. Soundcloud

This old-timer has been giving fans heart attacks since 2007, and it’s the best place for just audio distribution of music and sounds.

Source: Freebies Bug

Artists often publish their original songs and covers on Soundcloud. They also post unreleased tracks from their albums or whole mixtapes onto the site. Chances are, your favourite artist has already posted unedited snippets of unreleased songs and you do not even know it yet.

Soundcloud can be listened to anywhere and has somewhat free offline downloads, unlike YouTube. I say somewhat because the owner of the sound decides to make the track available offline or not. It’s also easy to download their music, so no more using illegal third-party sites to convert a track to an MP4 file (admit it, we have all done it).

5. Spotify

Last but definitely not least, Spotify. It’s the more sleek and professional way to listen to verified music, unlike Jukebox (sorry, not sorry).

Source: Digital Trends

It’s one of the most trusted apps for artists of any level to publish music. It’s because it has the most consistent iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows format and experience. So, the music is clear, and you can find every album any artist has on the app. They also curate daily mixes for you based on your likes, and you can discover new music by clicking any of their already compiled genres and playlists.

You can create an unlimited amount of song libraries, even on their free version. However, most people pay the monthly RM15 for the premium package. It’s worth it because you have unlimited skips and ad-free music. Trust me, the ads come up quite a bit on the free account. If not 15, just get on the family plan with 5 other people and each of you has only got to pay nearly RM4!

If you haven’t checked out one of these places, you’re denying your ears the best sensation ever. So it is time to change up your ride home’s playlist!

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