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5 Ways To Engage In Life When You're Feeling Down

by Ismah Sakina. |

Have you ever experienced feeling so down that you don’t even feel like getting out of bed? Or feeling so tired that you don’t feel the need to have food in your system? Or maybe, the feeling of being so upset with your life that you refuse any form of social interaction?

A common cause of these situations is when something important to you didn’t go as planned. The explanation to this is that the status quo for most of us is we only know how to carry on with our lives when everything important to us is right in its place.

The comfort we find in our usual everyday happiness impacts our resilience strongly without us knowing which makes it difficult for us to engage in life when we’re not feeling our best. There are a variety of possible situations that could shake our mental health, e.g. losing a loved one, death of a pet, or receiving a grade that is not proportional to the effort we put on our favourite subject.

As normal human beings, there are so many unexpected circumstances that could upset us and put us in a state where we are unable to engage in life. In these situations, we tend to disregard the importance of staying motivated even when we feel blue. In this article, I will share 5 simple ways to engage in life when you’re feeling down. Try these to lift your moods!

1. Spend time on your hobbies!

We all have that one activity we do when we are stressed out, be it cycling, watching a movie, or indulging in your favourite food! Whatever works for you, it doesn’t have to be a productive activity that burns your calories. As long as it’s an activity that you enjoy, it’s a good first step to lift your mood while moving on with your life!

However, if you find it difficult to make a kickstart to invest in your hobbies again, you can always try to remember all the times you have spent on your hobby and the joys it brought you! This would help you notice how familiar you are with your hobby. Hence, encouraging you to have some fun with it while helping you heal!

2. Learn something new!

Aside from going back to familiar habits, learning something new can also break your walls and help you engage better in life. Learning something new can help you find a new topic of interest or hobbies.

It is proven that knowledge can empower a person, such as learning something new be it a difficult or a simple lesson, it will most definitely encourage us to get back on track and grow from your sorrow! Learn about musical theory, history of female empowerment or learn how to doodle! Whatever you choose to learn, it will prove beneficial someday somehow!

3. Reach out to old friends!

When we don’t feel like our best self, our first response is to restrict ourselves from social interaction to not show other people our vulnerability. However, reaching out to an old friend can be healthy as it takes us back to simpler times where we were carefree!

An old friend holds stories of our youths that could remind us of happy memories. Plus, it is never a bad thing to check up on a friend. Not only this would help you re-engage in life, but this would also strengthen your friendships! Double win!

4. Reflect!

When we don’t feel so high, we must take as many lessons as we could from this phase of life. In the words of Paul Arden, “The world is what YOU think of it, so think of it DIFFERENTLY and your life will change.”

This famous quote emphasizes on the upside of looking at things from different angles. By reflecting, we get to learn the many angles of what is happening. This would help us mature by broadening our views in all things life. Maturing the way we see things is an important aspect of re-engagement. By taking this measure, you might be able to see that there is always a solution and life is not all bad!

5. Take a step back and rest!

It may sound counter-intuitive but taking a step back to rest is a method that could help us re-engage in life when we feel demotivated. This is because the sudden feeling of discouragement might be caused by exhaustion from working (or simply functioning) long hours.

Taking a step back and rest will restore our energy and help us function better as humans. Without rest, we would feel tired as we lose our motivations. This is why resting is important, as it helps us work more productively when we are ready to re-engage.

In short, we must remember that self-care and growth must always be prioritized even when we feel down. By re-engaging in life, we are ensuring growth and caring for ourselves by doing the things that we love!

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