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Tried & Tested Heavy-Duty Skin Care Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

by Dewi Ridzuan. |

Skincare has become so inclusive that now almost everyone has a night-time routine. Worrying about wrinkles? Scared of popping a pimple because of scarring, especially visible when you take a selfie? Skincare is the answer. Whatever skin concerns you’re planning on targeting, you know that riding down to the local pharmacy is easy. The hard part? Trying to find one that works.

Regardless if your end goal is the ‘glass skin’ look or controlling hormonal acne, this list has been tried and tested personally by yours truly. So, those tiny whiteheads or cystic acne that you hate? Try these out during your next skincare splurge.

Disclaimer: These suggestions are from my own personal experience and preference. Kindly consult a professional if needed.

1. Aztec Indian Healing Clay

People are so obsessed with face masks because it’s convenient and creates a mini-spa day in the comforts of your own home. However, sometimes you can’t see the effects on your skin. You wonder, have all these RM5 purchases been worth it? The Aztec Indian Healing Clay is something you should consider if you want something with immediate effect.

Image: Reviewed

When my cystic acne came back and all the fancy in-store products stopped working, I was searching for a quick fix. This tub of powdered clay, which turns into a paste when mixed with water, is an au naturale solution which lasts up to 3 months of usage on a single tub of 454 grams. Tub sizes go from 454 grams up to 700 grams, so can you imagine how long 700 grams would take to finish?

Here’s the best bit, it helps remove whiteheads, reduce cystic acne and rids dead skin off your face. You’ll notice how supple your skin will look after! However, do note that this clay is very strong; others have said it was painful, as when the clay hardens it pulls the skin. So the tip is that when the clay hardens, wash it off not pull it off. You can also add apple cider or tea tree oil for an extra kick! Prices go from RM30 to RM60, depending on the tub size. Bear in mind that different sellers have different prices, but you can find plenty on Lazada, Shopee or iHerb!

2. The Ordinary

Now, this is a brand that I can truly call a saviour. All my debit and credit cards are thanking me as I type this, for The Ordinary is not only so affordable but works phenomenally well too. Their products are cheap to moderately priced and still reap the same benefits and results as high-end brands.

Image: Poppy x Salvage

One of their best products is The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA. Not only is it so light on the skin, but 1-2 pumps is enough for one use. Plus, this product is both hydrating and exfoliates the skin, and it does all these at only RM48! The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid is an oil-free treatment that will delve into the skin’s layers, leaving you with more youthful skin. I also tried The Ordinary Niacinamide, which is packed with vitamins and helps with skin discolouration. Both products cost RM28. It’s a steal because these 3 products altogether cost only RM104!

The only issue is that you can only get this product online. There are, however, many retailers carrying this product so you don’t have to search far and wide. I urge you to buy it from a certified retailer because during my first purchase, I didn’t know about this company that was duping the products. Hence, the altered formula they sold to me had made my skin go back to zero and I had to find another true retailer.

3. Innisfree

All skincare brands use the same words like anti-ageing, radiant skin and so on. However, only a few can really live up to its claims; and one of them is Innisfree! Acquiring their raw ingredients from the lush green Jeju Island of Korea, the reason why it’s so popular is because of their level of focus for each product.

Image: Bustle

Beginning with their face masks, their ‘It’s Real Squeeze Mask’ line offers many different types of ingredients like Aloe Vera, Bija, Manuka Honey and more. However, if you want to upgrade from those RM5’s, go for the Trouble Solution masks! On the shelf they are only RM16, and it’s a 2-in-1 package! If you have a little more money to spare, their Second Skin Masks are at RM21 and it’s a personal favourite because you actually feel the heightened skin moisture and firmness.

We all know about the 8 - 11 step Korean skincare routine, why not get it all done in one place at Innisfree? I at one point upgraded to their power packs like the Volcanic Cluster Pore Care Set at RM65 or the Whitening Pore Duo Set fused with tangerine at RM254. Don’t go ‘yikes!’ At RM254, most of their sets and individual products range from RM30 to RM120, so you have ample choice. Remember that at Innisfree, all their products are effective no matter if the pricing is low-end or high-end. They have definitely saved my skin more than once!

4. Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu is famous for their high yet controlled acidity levels for the use of the everyday citizen. It has similar chemical levels as in dermatology clinics. The only difference is that dermatologists use a higher percentage of acid. However, I must remind you that professionals use stronger formulas for they have a license to do so. For me, I wanted a cheaper alternative to all of it, but I bought the serum because it had 18% Mandelic Acid and other properties that rejuvenate your dead skin.

Image: Beautypeadia

If you got the dough, my personal opinion is that Dr. Wu has formulated each of the items to complement each other. So, if you can afford it, there is no harm in getting the whole set. For the serum alone, it costs RM129 for the 15ml vial at Watsons. The set would be cheaper, but expect to spend from RM150 to RM300 for it at any pharmacy or Sasa stores.

5. Isabelle Lancray

After going for a facial where the beauty aesthetician has removed your whiteheads and blackheads, your skin will be left riddled with big pores or indents. Now again, I must forewarn that this product is also pricey. However, anything for healthy skin right? Isabelle Lancray’s PURALINE Detox Gel Anti-Spot helps a lot with minimizing your pores. After 2 weeks, I could already see my pores close up, especially around and on my nose!

Image: Aberham Design

It is full of herbs and salicylic acid that can make any impurities subside faster than other products; any skin type can use this and you may use it twice a day! It will also help you balance your skin’s PH value too. The only downside is that it is hard to get this locally in-stores, so you might have to go to Lazada or Amazon. It goes for RM160 roughly, depending on where you get them.

Remember that results from any skincare product you use will not have immediate effects like makeup! However, that’s the best part as skincare products delve deeper into the skin. I hope the products mentioned above will help with your skin’s health and your overall confidence.

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