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Top Places to Travel When You’re on A Budget

By Seetha Ravindran. |

There’s a saying ‘once you’ve been bitten by a travel bug, you will forever be the victim of obsessive travelling’. Wanderlust, is what most would call it. So the only cure is to plan for your next destination. Travelling is not only an alternative to soothe the chaotic mind, but it also opens up our eyes to real life lessons.

“Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life”― Michael Palin

However travelling should not always be expensive. I mostly travel with a shoelace budget by selecting ideal destinations with tailored itinerary. Here are the top places to travel when you are feeling broke but still want to satisfy your wanderlust needs:

1. Hat Yai

Hat Yai, located nearest to Malaysia at the Thailand-Malaysia border, is well-known for its night life and shopping attraction. The main attractions lists from the Khlong Hae floating market where vendors sell local foods and handicrafts from traditional boats docked in a canal; followed by the Wat Hat Yai temple known for its 35m-long reclining Buddha and many more. Thereafter, you can head over to Hat Yai Park in the evening for a calming place to take a stroll.

Image: Trip Advisor

Hat Yai can be reached easily via express bus or express train from anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia up to border town Padang Besar, Perlis and then an interchange to Hat Yai, Thailand. The bus ticket could be purchased for as low as RM55 one-way.

Average budget per pax: RM300-500 for a 3D2N trip.

2. Burma, Myanmar

One of the Indo-China countries, Myanmar or formerly known as Burma is packed with colonial buildings, narrow shop houses, longkyi-worn people and warm welcome. Myanmar is filled with its magnificent Pagodas. Yangon or known as Rangoon is a buzzing city with cars and buses gushing from every corner.

If you’ve always dreamt of witnessing an overlooking view scenic view of hot air balloons from the temples, Bagan is the place for you!

Image: @kedders_adventure on Instagram

Another one of the best things in Myanmar is how easily accessible places are via public transport and they are affordable too. Be sure to get Google Translate for the rescue as it is hard to get English speaking natives there.

Average cost per pax: RM500-RM800 for 3D2N stay

3. Lombok, Indonesia

I just recently visited Lombok and I fell in love with this place. Lombok is the closest cousin to Bali and is an island located at the east of Bali but its way cheaper and one of the more underrated destinations in Indonesia. Their coral reefs and crystal clear beaches are definitely a treat to the eyes.

Image: @ngguhnangguh on Instagram

If you're an adventure junkie, hiking the challenging Mount Rinjani is a very bucketlist worthy activity to do. Mount Rinjani, an active volcano requires three days separately to hike it. You may find plenty of agents on the web.

The main attraction in Lombok would be the Gili Islands. Gili Trawangan being the most famous one and is hyper at nights while Gili Meno and Gili Air are for the quiet souls. Vehicles are not allowed in the islands and the only mode of transportation in the islands are bicycles, pony carts and the best one, walking. Do not miss the snorkeling or diving as they are a lot more breathtaking underwater. If you are in need of more vitamin-sea, then Lombok could satisfy all your needs for a budget.

Average budget per pax: RM800-1000

4. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Image: @explorejogja on Instagram

Apart from the beautiful beaches Indonesia has to offer, Yogyakarta (also known as Jogja) is such a beautiful city of gem. A stunning, Instagram-worthy destination? That has to be Borobudur and Prambanan temples in Yogyakarta or better known as Jogja. Borobudur is world’s largest Buddhist archaeological site.

If you are up for adventures, hiking Mount Merapi is highly recommended. The breathtaking sunrise at the peak of Mount Merapi will be worth the tiresome journey to get up there.

Average cost per pax: RM800-1000 for a decent 4D3N.

5. Kerala, India

Kerala is situated in the South India is as scenic as it claims to be the God’s Own Country. The lush greenery and serene backwaters could be a great getaway from the urban jungle. Kerala has more to offer other than the sceneries, the infamous Kerala Ayurveda, delicious eateries and art performances. Be sure to get treated at the Ayurvedic hot oil massage.

Munnar, Kerala, India

Image: @jovi_travel on Instagram

Average budget per pax: not more than RM1000.

Note: You would need a travel visa.

6. Siem Reap, Cambodia

If you’re one who enjoys to immerse yourself in culture and history, Siem Reap is the place for you. And of course, who would miss out on visiting Angkor Wat? You could opt for the 1-day pass just to view the highlights or the 3-day or 7-day pass to be able to cover more areas of the temple. (However, do research on which pass is suitable for you as the prices are quite expensive.)

Image: @bipasha_ontheroad on Instagram

Average cost per pax: RM800-RM1,000 for a 3D2N stay.

7. Luang Prabang, Laos

The most underrated, travel infant Indo-China country is Laos. Laos is traversed by the Mekong River and known for its mountainous terrain which is one of the best parts to explore in Laos is Luang Prabang. One of the best waterfalls surrounded by thick green forests would be the Kuang Si waterfall. Definitely an eye-candy for the ones looking for a place to chill with the nature.

Image: @justindkauffman

Average budget per pax: RM500-800 for 3D2N.

There you have it. 7 destinations you could travel to ranging from RM500-1000. As these are just merely estimations; I’m sure you’re able to go lower if you plan your trips way ahead!

Travelling teaches us a lot. It is like reading a book with every country to be the chapters. And it has definitely made me a better person today to be able to appreciate different cultures and be more willing to learning new things. What more is your excuse to visit these countries?

It’s time to go for an adventure!

You may also find out more about Seetha on her Instagram.

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