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Top 5 TED Talks That Would Change Your Life Perspectives

by Joe Chan. |

So there I was, sitting in front of the laptop, just mindlessly swimming in the sea that holds the capacity of thousands and thousands of content that covered everything, from “How to make a chicken nugget” down to “The Snowden Files” and pretty much everything else imaginable. It comes as no surprise that YouTube is a platform that serves only so many people, both creators of content, and I mean let’s face the music, we’re all great consumers of content, from little bits and pieces of writing from The Little Blue Bird That Tweets to the double tapping of pictures and who could not know the iconic Thumbs Up?

Here are the 5 TED Videos that have definitely shifted my view and life perspective!

The first is by Stephen Duneier, titled “How to achieve your most ambitious goals,” So this was in late 2017, somewhere in December, to which I felt most productive (so far), with my health being on top of its game and basically everything was just perfect. Until I met a certain someone, to which then things turned downward. Fast-track to March 2018, which was when I came across this video:

1. How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals by Stephen Duneier.

Image: College Proprotential

Duneier talks about breaking your most ambitious and biggest goals into smaller, more achievable actionable things that one can commit to, and honestly, too small for it to fail. “It’s just one stitch at a time,” He would say about his knitting project. Oh, and also, he is known better as the Yarnbomber. You can look him up on Instagram. Yes, it’s a title, of the sort.

So after that video, I set out and tried and test things that I’ve never done, like going to the gym and getting more heavily involved in university projects, hanging out more often with my friends and whatnot, until I became comfortable with the routine I now have. It wasn't long until I noticed one thing; I have exponentially slowed my growth. As in, I went to the gym, yes I did, but the regime was the same. I participated in projects, but they always had the same approach and workflow. I hung out with friends, but I was always hanging out with the same friends.

It was the very same well that I drank from to quench the thirst of my personal growth that I have become comfortable with. I needed not another place to drink from. My cup was always full, and my thirst was never to be found anymore! “Why should I go any further? All that I am looking for is right here! It makes no sense to move any further,” I told myself. To which, if anything out there was watching over me, was definitely trying to tell me something, which leads me to video number 2!

2. Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life by Bill Eckstrom.

Image: College Pro

It couldn’t be more coincidental than that, with the harbouring thought of me moving up in life and questioning why shouldn’t I just sit back and relax. It was as if the universe was telling me, “Don’t get comfortable just yet kid, you’ve got more coming your way,” I heeded it as if it was a calling, a warning to me to be aware and be sharp. It could explain the fact that I ended up running way more often than I do, considering that I completely despise running, to begin with. I have run 4 obstacle courses and 2 more underway, and as uncomfortable I am with running, I am fairly comfortable with the pace of growth that I have set for myself. So to those of you, that feels as if you are stuck, or that you have slowed the pace of your personal growth, do consider watching this and make your own remarkable progress!

Of course, it is easier to make progress when you actually enjoy the process, which brings me to the third video of my choice.

3. The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More by Mark Rober

Image: YouTube

Myself, like a lot of other typical guys out there, am a gamer. We enjoy the shooting and looting very much more than to see the game come to an end. So what other way than to enjoy the process than to “Gamify” it? I stand by this, if you were to compare your life to a videogame, say Little Big Planet 3, you would notice some really haunting similarity; how the game is made to have much difficulties, and that thinking out of the box really do help, and asking for help from other would prove worth-while, and that sometimes you have to replay the same level over and over again before you can understand what went wrong and why.

So coming back to the second video, I even started picking up the habit of reading again. I know people would highly encourage everyone else to read, but I don’t follow; should we only read fiction or non-fiction to learn? Which taught more? Which would be of better use when reading at night? Altogether, I almost gave up reading as a habit, until I heard of the name Tai Lopez and in his video, “Why I read a book a day (and why you should too): the law of 33%.”

4. Why I Read A Book A Day (and why you should too): The Law of 33% by Tai Lopez

Image: YouTube

Tai talks about the importance of reading and why we should really consider making it part of our lifestyle, not just another One-Hit Wonder habit. Ever since that video, I have solidified my habit of reading, and to also venture out into the genre of non-fiction. “Imagine having a conversation with the world’s best minds,” he would say in the video.

Needless to say, however, I kept on crawling through all the contents released by TED soon after, pretty much just like the rest of us when we see a content maker that we like. I came across a video that made me....wanting to learn way more than I could. Here it is:

5. Toxic Culture of Education by Joshua Katz

Image: The Mother List

Joshua talks about the culture that school has, with the standardised tests and the inability of the school system to polish and harness strengths that children already have, what’s more even teaching us about discovering what we have in the first place. I highly recommend watching it, just as food for thoughts. He talks on how the school system is impairing our children’s mind with standardised tests, formal classes and the excessiveness of homework that takes away a child’s ability to think.

These are the few videos that have definitely made a dent and changed my perspectives towards many things if anything at all. I hope that they do help change yours as they did, mine.

You may find out more about Joe on his Instagram too.

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