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This Just in, Head Mouseketeer of Club Mickey Mouse MY Charis Ow is Getting Hitched!

After the slew of influencers who had gotten engaged towards the end of last year, we now have a new engagement to celebrate the New Year with.

The newly engaged couple in question?

Multi-talented influencer and Head Mousketeer of Club Mickey Mouse, Charis Ow, and her beau, entrepreneur Daryl Tan.

In celebration of her engagement, Charis posted on Instagram a beautiful photograph of Daryl on one knee whilst presenting the engagement ring to her.

Filled with excitement, Charis gave a sneak peek into what exactly happened at the moment by writing a caption underneath the picture:

He said to me today, “Hey girl, I’m gonna make it simple for you. You got two choices... yes or YES!” So, I said “Yes!” to the love of my life 💍💍💍 Thank you to our close family and friends who made time and shared this special moment together with me and @darylltan ❤️ Currently feeling elated and buzzed from all the excitement! 🤪 Will be sharing more photos and the proposal video soon with you guys — so stay tuned! #ChaDar6119

Soooooo sweet!!

And it looked like we didn't have to wait long at all for another update, because another just came in today. This time around, the photographs she posted were of the joyful couple who were all smiles whilst Daryl held her up as she showed off her new bling.

In the Instagram post, Charis shared that a week ago, The Majestic Hotel KL invited her to an exclusive Valentine's Day meal preview, when in reality, it was an invitation to her own engagement party! And instead of a meal, she had gotten a fiance instead. Which is a pretty darned good trade off, if you ask me. Wink wink.

She continued the post by thanking everyone involved for creating such a precious memory for her; her fiance (of course), Jamie Ang, Jeremy Choy, Caleb Lim, and more.

To my dear fiancé, I thank God for placing such a great man after God’s own heart in my life. You are kind, thoughtful, gentle, humble, loving and truly is an obedient child of God. You never gave up on us even when we went through tough & challenging times. You showed me how to be a better person & how to love unconditionally. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you - full of joy, laughter and a whole lotta dorkiness ahead 😂

She then ended the post with the following paragraph:

Feel free to leave your wedding vendor recommendations in the comments section because I really need all the help I can get! And oh, should we keep #wowChaDar or #teamChaDar? 🤔 If you have any hashtag ideas, do comment below as well! Eeeeeep!

How adorable can they get?!

A heartfelt congratulations to both Charis and Daryl--or rather, #wowChaDar (or is it #teamChaDar? ;) ). We wish you all the best!

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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