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Things You Can Do For Your Mom This Mother's Day

by Lee Xin Hui, Rachel. |

“MAA I CANNOT FIND MY TROUSERS.” And she pulls them right out from the pile of clothes on your chair, you wonder if she’s a magician because you specifically went through that pile thrice.

“MOMMY TOMORROW TEACHER WANTS US TO BRING WATERCOLOR TO SCHOOL TOMORROW.” And you receive a scolding because it’s already 10pm and all the stores are closed, but the next day you see a set of watercolors in your bag.

“MOMMY DINNER I WANT TO EAT CURRY CHICKEN.” And come dinner time it’ll be set right in front of you.

Mothers are basically our superheroes without the cape: they’re magicians, seamstresses, cooks, and drivers all in one body; and don’t get me started on the moms with jobs aside from taking care of the household. You’ll think, then, being such a capable individual, what can you do during this one day specifically set to appreciate this irreplaceable woman in your life? Will anything you give even come close to what she’s done for you over the years?

It won’t, sorry to burst your bubble; but mothers being mothers, I’m sure she’ll be touched by any form of thoughtfulness and affection, regardless of what you give. However, if you’re still clueless about what to do for your mom this Mother’s Day, read on.

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If you’re looking to connect with your mom deeper:

I think one of the ways to show your gratitude for someone is by finding the time to connect with them and to learn more about someone so you can know how to better love and understand them.

Flip through old photo albums and listen to her stories

There’s something about old photographs tucked away in huge bulky albums that just wash you over with a wave of nostalgia. Take this day to pull out those albums collecting dust in the drawer, and spend the afternoon slowly flipping through it with your mother as both of you savor memories of the old days (or probably just your mom, unless you still remember how you pooped your pants when you were 3). This not only helps you bond with your mother, but opens so many stories as well! I remember being in awe when my mother tells me about her childhood and teenage years: from how she enjoyed her first experience at the cinema watching a horror movie at the age of 5, to how my dad broke her 21st birthday gift before she even had a chance to use it. Sometimes she would also story me about how I took my first steps and my reaction when I first saw my baby brother. It’s nice to hear about these moments that seem so mundane, yet etched so deeply on her memory.

Talk about things you don’t usually touch on

If you have a typical Asian mother, the realist, dreams-are-for-sleeping kind, perhaps you can spend your afternoon connecting with her by engaging in a deep conversation. A big chunk of our childhood is often spent seeing our mothers as an advice-giver, someone who is old and wise and knows all the answers to everything; but we seem to forget that our mothers are human too! Ask her about her ambitions when she was a teenager, ask her about her opinions on controversial topics, ask her about what she would do if she could turn back time, you might be surprised at some of her answers, and you’ll see your mother in a different light.

If you have a hipster mom:

There are times when you just feel like your mom is cooler than you; with all her witty comebacks and one-liners, she just seems more like a best friend than a mom. Here are some things you can do to make her day.

Go on kitchen adventures or cafe hops

If your mom is the kind who likes to visit aesthetic cafes and try their signature coffees and pretty desserts, compile a list of new coffee shops in town and bring her on a cafe-hopping date! On a separate note though, please do abide by the newly amended Movement Control Order rules; cooperate with the cafe workers, have your body temperature tested, hands sanitized, and keep a safe distance from everyone in the cafe. Some states like Negeri Sembilan and Perak have announced that dining out is still not allowed, so make sure you abide by the state rules as well.

Alternatively, if both of you are more of a hands-on person, spend your day in the kitchen making your very own signature craft latte and crepe cakes, and then revel in your success together afterwards. Here’s a friendly reminder to be a responsible child and clean up the kitchen mess you made.

Recreate your old pictures

This is a fun, light-hearted activity you can do with your mom if you happen to dig out any old pictures. It will be nice to see how both of you have changed, and it can result in very funny outcomes! You can also loop in your siblings for this activity as well, after all, I believe your mom will love being surrounded by her kids and having fun with them. After that, she can send those pictures to her Whatsapp group chats or even post on her Facebook, while her friends comment on how funny her children are.

Teach her about the Internet

I know, I know, it’s frustrating to teach your parents about technology; but hey, they’re just trying to learn! Take this day to teach your mom on how to use Instagram story filters, how to learn from YouTube videos, or how to stream her 2010 Hong Kong Drama series. You will not only equip her with knowledge about the modern internet, you would’ve also taught her how to entertain herself when you get too busy to spend time with her in the near future.

If your mom needs a break from her work (or from you):

Sometimes your mom just wants a nice weekend to herself, surrounded by quietness and peace, away from the work emails and your sudden bursts of laughter at a Tiktok video. So what’s the best way to ensure she’s relaxed?

Book a spa session or have a DIY spa with her

That’s right! Be it a full-body massage therapy or a pampering facial, book her a session and let her enjoy herself in peace in the near future when the situation of COVID-19 settles down. This is also one way to say ‘Thanks for putting up with a crazy child mom, let me try restoring your sanity.’

If a spa session is too much on your bank account, perhaps opting for a DIY home-spa would be a better choice, especially when we are to continue the practice of social distancing. Get yourselves some masks of your choice, light up some scented candles or turn on the essential oil diffuser, play some soothing music and the background, and you’ll have your very own home spa parlour.

If your mom is adventurous:

I know you go-getters are most likely to have a go-getter mom, one who enjoys learning new things and is constantly on the lookout for things to stimulate her brain. If you’d like to spend quality time with your mom by exercising your minds, here’s what you can do!

Go to a new class

It can be a pottery class, a baking class, a crash course on building your own computer, whatever suits her fancy, I’m sure there will be classes or workshops available! I don’t know about you, but learning and discovering new things with your mom sounds like a pretty cool way to bond. You can check out this space to better help you with the planning.

Alternatively, if there aren’t any classes suitable for the both of you, go online! There are plenty of resources available, all you need is the Internet, the necessary tools, and your eagerness to learn.

Play games

Now, what better way to stimulate your brain in the comforts of your home than by playing games that require strategic thinking? It can be a 2-player video game, alternatively, you can loop your family members in and play board games like Scrabble, or mind games like Coup and Avalon. Even the classic Chinese New Year favourite mah-jong, play it with your mom and your grandmother so she can celebrate Mother’s Day with her own mom as well!

At the end of the day, it all boils down to acknowledging your mother’s love and reciprocating that love in return. If you ask her what she wants for Mother’s Day, I’m sure she would’ve said “Nothing”; but wouldn’t it be nice to let her feel appreciated and loved by taking time to plan and do something special for a special lady?

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