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10 Things We Wanted To Own 10 Years Ago As A Teen

by Meagan Tan

As the #10yearsago challenge was on the rise last week, it must have been either horrifying or hilarious to see all the old photos and memories. We looked so different and some of us didn’t change much.

The way we talked, dressed and the things we used “back in the day” were pretty cringe-looking back.

Here is a list of things most of us probably wanted to own 10 years ago as a teen!

1. The Latest Flip Phone Model

Source: CNet

2. The Latest iPod Touch

Source: Apple

3. DVD set of our favourite TV Shows

Source: Gumtree & Google

4. Maple A-Cash

Source: Carousell

5. The Latest CD Albums from the Latest Artists

Source: iTunes

Source: Amazon

But then, LimeWire also was still a thing so...

6. Latest G-SHOCK/Baby-G watches

Source: Hypebeast

7. Graphic Tees from Body Glove

Source: Body Glove

8. The Coolest “Back-To-School” Backpack from Tropicana Life

Source: Google

9. Coolest Blog Design (amongst your friends)

Source: Smashing Magazine

10. A BROS® Water Bottle

Just because everyone in school had one.

Source: BROS®

What were the items on your wishlist 10 years ago? Comment down below!

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