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Things We Used To Do But Don’t Anymore Because Of Technology

by Nadhirah Jamil. |

Do you still remember the last time you send out a handwritten letter to your pen-pal with a 10 cent stamp on it? Or when you actually have tons of CD collection? Time really does fly! I guess if it’s for a better cause, who can argue with that? Technology, without a doubt, makes our lives ten times easier. Everything is at the touch of your fingertips. Can you imagine a life without these super advancements? Let’s recap on the things that we used to do but don’t anymore because of technology.

1. Use Phonebooks To Look Up A Number

Image: ATYPK

Did you experience the ‘privilege’ of flipping through thousands of pages just to look for a handyman’s number? Oh, the agony! During the good old days, every house needs to own an at least one Yellow Pages and it’s the encyclopaedia of telephone numbers. Now, by using apps like Yelp, you can just type in the keyword and it will provide with the list of handyman’s number specializes in all sorts of aspects. Better yet, you can just Google it. It’s as easy as that!

2. Queuing up to buy movie ticket

Image: Cinema Fan

With apps like GSC and TGV available in App Store and Play Store, you can easily book movie tickets without queueing up early in the morning just to buy a midnight movie ticket. Also, through these apps, you can purchase the tickets if you plan to watch the movie in another two or three day. The best part is you don’t need to self-print the tickets. Once you’ve booked the tickets, just scan the barcode before you enter the cinema hall. Seriously, these apps are a life-saver for moviegoers.

In case you haven’t gone out much, most cinemas already ditched the counters and replace it with a modern ticket machine.

3. Buying food at restaurants

Image: Rojak Daily

A few years back, although we were busy or tired from work or school, we still need to go to restaurants to buy food. But now, we can just order food online and have it delivered right on our doorstep! With food delivery services like FoodPanda, GrabFood, dahmakan, McDonald’s, just to name a few, who needs a home-cooked meal? For instance, FoodPanda is undeniably the largest food delivery service in Malaysia. You can choose to eat Westerns, Asian fusions, Arabs and even Mamak! Food delivery services really saves our time and cost to cook that one meal.

4. Limited options for advertising

Traditional media would be referred to as newspapers, print advertisements, radio and billboards. The main reason why not all brands would prefer to invest in advertisements on traditional media nowadays is because of the expenses. Not only would you want people to see your ads, but, you want to make sure that you do reach your target audience. Hence, the existence of social media ads. Brands can now personalise their ads based on their target audience customize to maximise their budgets.

5. Hailing for a taxi

Image: Vulcan Post

We used to wait around for a taxi which could take forever. Another alternative would be to call a taxi provider company but there could be a possibility of not even showing up. However, thanks to apps such as Grab and MyCar, our lives are a whole lot easier. Tap on your destination and just hang around until your driver comes. The more you ride, the more rewards you gain.

6. Reading physical newspapers

Remember when newspapers are always sold out if we come to buy after 8 AM? Ironically, newspapers were the best part of our morning because that’s where we can read about the artists’ latest gossips and national news. If you log in to your Instagram or Twitter now, we bet you can read gossips that were posted seconds ago. That’s what technology does, it’s convenient and fast!

7. Using an actual map

How many of you can read the actual map? It’s confusing, right? Can you imagine a life where we need to plan a journey by looking at a map? We don’t know how our grandparents did that, but kudos to them!

That’s why we have Google Maps! It calculates the distance, shows us the exact direction from one point to another and it’s accurate. Besides that, Waze is also very helpful especially during long public holidays like Raya. If you are stuck in traffic, Waze will provide you with not just one route, but up to three.

8. Our shopping experience

Image: Inside Retail Asia

Not that we don’t go to malls anymore, but, there’s always an alternative option to get things online and even for a cheaper price! If you live near the city area, you’ll know how tormenting it is to sit in a traffic jam, alone, just to just head out to buy some groceries. In fact, even grocers like Tesco provide a grocery delivery service. Yes, tick off everything you need to buy from the website and all you have to do is to just wait for the delivery.

9. Looking for 'The One'

Life was pretty much interesting before social media existed, don’t you agree? We met people in real life to share interests, hobbies, and opinions. When social media sites like Facebook and Twitter came barge into our lives, we can’t help but look for ‘the one’ through a method called ‘stalking’. Before we decide that they’re ‘the one’, we read their bio, see their updates and as such. These dating sites matches you up with the highest potential bachelor/bachelorette near your area by linking your preferences. If you like what you’re seeing, you can chat with the person and go out on dates. Be careful not to get catfished.

10. Paying using cash or physical cards

With the countless amounts of deals, cashback and rebates merchants are having, many people prefer to pay using their e-wallets. Gone were the days of not having enough cash with you and not being able to survive your day without it. There are more options aside from paying from cash as long as you have your smartphone (that's if you're at a mall or so). If you like the idea of going cashless, you can use GrabPay, MOLPay, WeChatPay and Samsung Pay. You can top-up your e-wallet through online banking.

In conclusion, although technology makes everything convenient, that doesn’t mean you should sit around at home and rely everything on technology. Get up and be productive!

You may find out more about Nadhirah on her Instagram too.

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