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Things to Look Out for When You’re Travelling Alone

by Farihah Suhaimi |

Have you ever seen any of your friends on a solo backpacking trip to different countries on IG Stories and deep inside, you wish that the person was you?

Travelling alone can be beneficial as it is also a journey to find yourself – to know yourself better than before. Furthermore, you can go anywhere that you like without having to discuss with anyone else. It’s your trip! You can also meet with new people and opportunities to explore the world from other people’s perspectives. It is always refreshing to know how different our minds work as we grow from different environments.

However, as fun as it seems, there are few steps or things to look out for when you’re travelling alone, just to be safe. Sometimes we can never know that danger is always lurking in the corner, waiting for your most vulnerable moment.

Before Travelling

1. Keep Someone Close Informed

Before going anywhere especially a place that is far from your home, make sure to inform someone that is close to you such as your family members or friends about your trip. Do keep them updated about your flight, accommodations and hotel names too. This way, they can be alerted and will be able to help you in case of emergency.

2. Ensure Your Phone Is Tip-Top and Contactable

When going out alone, your smartphone should be your best friend as they provide information, maps, and platform for you to communicate with your family and friends. Therefore, it is important that your phone is working just fine and be able to function as it is supposed to. If your smartphone breaks down, you’ll not just be upset but lost too.

Tip: If you find that a portable WiFi is too bulky, opt for a traveler's sim card instead like Hello1010. You'll always stay connected with the Internet. Plus, you can have delivered to you prior to your trip. Its one less thing to worry about when you've landed in a foreign place.

3. Bring More Than Enough Cash

Of course, money is a very vital thing when we’re talking about going on a trip – especially alone. Not only for transportation or cute souvenirs, but it is also for unexpected cases of emergency. When you are alone at a foreign place, its always better to have sufficient amount of cash on hand to avoid paying more at your destination's foreign money exchange like Japan.

While Travelling

1. Be Aware of People You Meet

Even when you are shopping at crowded places or eating somewhere that is considered safe, never let your guard down. Always be aware of strangers around you although they look nice. Don’t be too engrossed with looking at Google Maps that you haven’t realized that the same person has been following you since the beginning. It is important to not look too much like a clueless tourist as well.

Travelling alone would also give you a lot of opportunities to meet new people and especially if you’re staying at a backpackers hostel. If you encounter with any problems, try to avoid help from random strangers, it is okay to reject help politely for your own safety. It’s always better to seek help from security or officials and shop owners.

2. Stay hydrated!

Most people tend to ignore this issue as it can be seen as a small matter, but please remember to always bring your water bottle with you! Your body needs enough water to function healthily because you’re possible walking hours and miles at new, unfamiliar places. In the other case, being alone is already hard enough – you don’t want to add more trouble into your list. Plus, it helps if you have travelers’ constipation! (Yes, it sounds disgusting but it is not fun when it happens. Haha)

3. Check Your Belongings

This is a common practice for many but you’d be surprise at how careless some people can be.

When you’re travelling alone, there is no one that can help to check up on you and your personal belongings closely. Usually when you are with your family or friends, they’d ask things like, ‘Is your passport with you?’ and ‘Where is your phone?’ in which makes you automatically look into your pockets and bags. For that reason, make it a habit to check your belongings from time to time especially when at crowded places – like keeping your bag in front of you and never put important belongings in your pocket.

As might be expected, there are way more things that you must look out for when you are travelling alone as danger can come from every corner but these are mostly essential steps that can be done first. I’m sure we have heard a fare share of “naggings” from our parents.

Going on a trip on your own is actually fun as the schedule is flexible and you can change all the plans abruptly without having to consult anyone first. Only thing that would be concerning is your safety.

Unfortunately, criminals, like regular people, they come from different backgrounds and masks, that’s why we have to be extra careful as someone with a sweet smile may have an awful intention buried deeply in their minds.

The next time you’re planning to travel alone, have fun and perhaps keep a few of these tips in mind.


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