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These 7 Apps Could Help To Keep Your Life In Order

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

by Crystal Lim

With the amount of things going on in our lives these days, we're having to do mental gymnastics just to keep everything in order. There seems to be endless things to remember! From the grocery list, to appointments with friends, meetings with bosses, emails to send, plans, to-do's... I could go on forever. And our brains have a limited capacity, try as we may.

Luckily for us, we live in an age where there are tons of productivity apps designed to help in simplifying and streamlining things in our daily lives. And if we reduce the need to memorize all the daily errands and lists we'd have to do everyday - it'll leave us with the mental capacity to do more!

Here are 7 apps we think could help you be more organised while you hustle through your day:

1. Monefy

All too often, we fall into a hole of not knowing how much money we have left, and by the time we get to the end of the month - we suddenly realize we're scraping the bottom of the barrel. Budgeting is key - but no one has the time to be making excel sheets anymore. Monefy however, is a simple budget app that does the calculations for you! Quick and easy to use, the app has various categories for you to key in quickly after you've spent something, and shows you your balance after you've spent. By knowing how much one has left, it will help greatly in budgeting your spending, as well as knowing where your money has gone.

2. Splitwise

We know struggles all too well when we have to split the bill with our friends after a lovely brunch session. Splitwise is a brilliant app that helps to categorise and calculate and save you and your friends’ worries.

If you’re on a road trip with your friends and you’ve got multiple expenses such as petrol, food, accommodation and so much more, the app can consolidate the payments and keep a running total. You wouldn’t need to pay each other back in small amounts at different times but all in one payment.

3. CamScanner

In an era where digital data is the best, and documents are used everywhere, being able to scan documents and convert them to PDF immediately is always handy, and far superior to taking pictures of documents, especially if the document is meant for official purposes. This app uses your phone's camera to take a picture, crop, edit and create a PDF.

4. Google Keep

A note-taking app that consolidates all sorts of scribbles, things-to-do lists, and can be color coded as well, the best part is that Google Keep is compatible across multiple platforms and can be synced across clouds. On top of that, Google Keep also allows you to label, making it easier to group related tasks together ('home', 'work', 'kids' and so on), and even share them with other users (sharing a grocery list with your other half, perhaps?).

5. Habitica

An app that attempts to gamify your life (yes, it means making your life into a game), the app gives you an added incentive to getting things done. Reminiscent of RPG games, you can get gear, level up, distribute stat points and so on, all while doing your real-life tasks! As you complete your task, you get experience and gold by ticking off your checklist, and earn enough coin to buy pets and food. While they are all pixel achievements, it does give you a real sense of satisfaction from completing your to-do list, and encourages you to finish them.

6. Dreamdays

Ever felt like you are dragging your feet through your work days, and the holiday you have planned looming far away?

Well, with Dreamdays, it'll show you exactly how many more days you have left to your awaited holiday, as long as you enter the date of it, essentially providing you a countdown timer, which may help in motivating you to go through the day/week/month. (Psst, it also counts up you can see the dates of your anniversaries.)

7. Headspace

A very popular app that helps guide meditation and encourage mindfulness, while it may sound hocus-pocus-y, basic meditation has been proven to reduce stress and help sleep. And with a daily dose of calm, your mind would be in a much better state to make decisions.

We hope these apps will help to keep you in check and organised. Do you have any apps you depend on?

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