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The Sacrifices When You Follow Your Passion and Not Money

Updated: May 6, 2019

By Mallory Loone. |

While fighting traffic to a morning meeting, an interesting topic on the radio caught my attention, “Would you trade your pay for passion?”

Being one who walked through the experience, I called in (with my handsfree on, in case you were wondering). So, I shared a brief story about how I turned down job offers, for a 50% pay cut job that has helped me find my passion.

I am an ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants) Graduate, which as many of you would know would open doors in the Finance or Auditing industry. Upon graduation, like many of you, I realized that my passion was not in this industry. Hence, I took a leap of faith and accepted a role as a project director of an NGO (with the 50% paycut). This came to a shock to plenty, especially my family. However, no regrets for me as I wouldn’t be able to be a co-founder of my startup today and pursuing my passion and purpose if it wasn’t for that leap.

Many see pursuing passion as the ideal choice, but the journey has not been easy. It takes much perseverance and sacrifices. So here are the Top 4:

1. Money?

Well, unless you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, money will be the obvious sacrifice. I personally did side freelancing work just to make ends meet and you’ll need to think twice (or 200 times) before you get that new phone. You’ll need to be picky with the occasions and parties you were invited to and be wise at places you eat in.

If you are starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur, as expected, you would be facing irregular income at the beginning and constant expenses before any revenue comes in. So, there are months you may not have any income, unlike a stable monthly salary.

But, through this challenge, I learned to money manage and plan my finances which have served me well! If you’re leaving your job to start afresh, it would be best to have 6-8 months’ worth of salary ready before starting off your journey. There might be times where you’d need to juggle with a side hustle.

If you’re looking for a few creative ways to find a side income, you can check out our article here.

2. Mental and emotional stability

“What if I had taken the other road?”

..will always be a question, especially in the beginning when passion may not have paid off.

Some pursue passion and it paid off after a while, but for some, you may be knocking on doors, but none will open just yet.

This can also be the time where family and friends will question your decision as they are mainly concern about you. This is truly where resilience, mentorship, determination and perseverance come into play because there can be sleepless nights and overthinking.

But nonetheless, this can be overcome with the right guidance and mentorship - seek from those who have been supporting you along the way. Sometimes, knowing that even by just having support from the right people could motivate you to keep going. You are not alone.

3. Possibility of losing interest

There are many people I know that make passion their career and, in the end, they hated their passion because it has come to a point where they worked on their passion merely for income. For example, a designer may end up losing their love for illustrating if they keep tweaking their styles for the sake of clients and customers. That’s why it is also important to think clearly about what aspects of your passion can be monetized and other areas that you can work on, just because you love doing it.

However, there are many who have been able to pull through it all. Keep thriving and remember why you’ve chosen this path and why you wanted to do this.

4. Relationships

It’s no secret that time will be a sacrifice as well. Not only will you not have time for yourself but it also means, you won’t be able to spend time as much with or family and loved ones. There might be a day when you’re busy to attend your dad’s birthday because you have that important meeting with an investor or a client.

Some plans are inevitable to avoid but keep important dates in your calendar as an auto reminder to notify you beforehand. And of course, actually be present during those lunches and dinners (that means, no phones!).

Aside from that, there might be a few who may disagree with your venture which could cause conflict – resulting to fall out with one another. But it’s alright because only the people who truly believe in you will stand by you through it all and that is what matters the most.

Here’s my take, in the end, I would suggest giving a thought about your current circumstances, commitments. If you were to decide to jump on “passion-wagon” now, still be open to unlearn and relearn. Nothing comes easy but in the end, everything is a journey and you'll always have interesting stories to tell!

You may also find out more about Mallory on her Instagram.

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