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The Littlest Things That Makes Me Happy

by Meagan Tan. |

We’re humans and its normal to think that we would need to have or achieve certain things in order to feel satisfied and contented once we’ve reached a certain age.

Y’know.. “to adult”.

Yes, it’s important to work hard to achieve those goals but the minute something hits the fan, we would tend to overthink and all the negativity like “Oh great, what did I do wrong now!” or “I can never do anything right!” starts running through our heads.

It's very easy for us to go through the vicious cycle of something going wrong and us feeling bad about it. But what helps, is consciously look out for the little things in our daily life that make it all a little bit better.

Here are the littlest things that make me happy:

1. The smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Coffee lovers can definitely resonate with this. Especially when you feel like a wreck on a Monday morning. You’ve finally forced yourself up to get ready and the first thing you want is a cup of latte.

2. The feeling after you’ve finished a workout.

Personally for me, it takes a lot of motivation to push myself if I’m going to be working out alone! Yes, I am lazy like that. So, this is truly one of the best feelings after I’ve done a high intensity work out or even just yoga.

3. When your hair smells good.

Let’s admit it, one thing girls with long hair despise after having a good Korean BBQ meal is their hair smelling like the entire restaurant!

4. When you hear your favourite song at a cafe.

Gotta love it when they play your favourite Bruno Mars or BTS song!

5. Going to an air-conditioned place when you’ve been under the blazing HOT sun.

Source: EatBook

This needs no further explanation when especially paired with the first sip of your favourite ice, cold bubble tea drink! Ahhh..

6. The smell of the air once the rain stops.

There is just something about the after-rain scent - sweet, fresh air.

7. Helping a stranger.

...and getting acknowledged for it. Like opening the door or holding a lift that’s about to close or picking up something that they’ve dropped.

8. Getting into the train as the doors closes.

You’re running up the escalator like its a marathon and you’re thinking to yourself.. “Please please please don’t close”.

Source: KLSentral.info

Right as you step your first foot in the train.. YOU MADE IT!

And now, its awkward because everyone saw you running like a mad cow. Woops.

9. When you managed to get a hold of the Mat Kool uncle.

Source: Rojak Daily

You hear the Mat Kool theme song faintly in the background and you’re making a run for it!

10. Finding an empty car park spot at a shopping mall on a Sunday.

Source: Sunway Pyramid

Avid mall go-ers know this all too well especially on a Sunday afternoon.

11. Accidentally dropped your new phone and there are no scratches or cracks.

Best. Feeling. EVER. #firstworldproblems

12. Swatching a pigmented highlighter.

Source: Pinterest


13. The first crunch when you bite into a fried chicken.

14. Unexpected discounts or deals.

You’re ready to pay at the cashier & suddenly he/she says, “Oh, you’re entitled to a 10% discount”.

15. Making a good comeback.

Your friend made a pun at you but you made an even better comeback!

16. Pay day.

OH YES!!!!

17. Finishing a good book.

18. When a stray cat or dog comes up to you.

And wants your attention; feeling like you’re the chosen one.

19. Diving into your freshly washed sheets.

.after a long, crazy day! The smoothness and fresh softener scent.

20. Getting a seat in a packed food court.

Source: Today Online


As we often take these things for granted, take this moment to remind ourselves of the little things that make us smile.

The next time you are having a bad day, remind yourself of these little things that has been good to you, the small things that could have gone wrong but the universe decides to be kind to you.

That way, you will feel a bit better, and realise its not such a bad day after all.


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