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#CrunchTest: Testing Out RM1000 Worth of Hair Styling Tools

by Meagan Tan. |

They say that: Your hair has a mind of it’s own.”

And yes, just like our skin, our hair definitely has a mind of its own! My hair is naturally straight which I appreciate the low-maintenance part of it but it’s also thin at the top and I have an oily scalp. On most days, my hair looks quite flat by the end of the day and doesn’t have much volume in general.

Because of that, I tend to wash my hair every single day. Experts have said that daily washing can cause more harm than good but I can’t stand not washing it every day, oops! To ease my daily routine, I personally prefer drying my hair with a hairdryer compared to air drying it because it’s much quicker and makes it less frizzy. I do occasionally style my hair with a hair curler for special occasions as well!

In this article, I will be reviewing Philips’ new SenseIQ Hair Dryer & Straightener.

Before I dive right in, I thought I should also share that I’m just a regular girl (not a total expert) and I enjoy using hair tools every now and then. I have been using both the products for 2 weeks prior to writing this review.

Now let’s get down to it: like every Crunch Test review, I will be answering a few questions on what I think worked and did not work for me.

1. What was your first impression upon unboxing the Philips’ SenseIQ Hair Dryer & Straightener?

Right off the bat, you can tell that the Philips’ SenseIQ range is definitely different from all of Philips’ other hair care products because of the technology behind it. When using both the products, it is able to sense and adapt to your hair, adjusting the temperature to prevent overheating to retain your hair's natural moisture. I have to say that I was very amused by this because my hair is being exposed to heat every day!

The design of both the products itself looks very compact, sleek and pretty to look at because of its colour - pearlized-finish with rose gold details, ahhh! I am personally a total sucker when it comes to pretty-looking items so I really like the entire look and feel for both the hairdryer and the straightener.

Overall, my first impression would be that it looks premium and luxurious. I can see these products being an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for someone special!

2. How was your experience using the Philips SenseIQ Hair Dryer?

I like that it has 3 different mode settings - gentle, dry and fast; which allows me to change the mode depending on my preference. I have tried using all 3 and I tend to gravitate towards using either the gentle mode (when I have more time) or fast mode (when I am rushing to get ready).

Because of the SenseIQ technology, Philips claims that although you are using heat to dry your hair, it is able to lock-in up to 90% of hair moisture and claims to be 20% faster drying (and more compact vs regular Dryer).

At first, it seemed too good to be true but after using it for the 2 weeks, I do realise that my entire hair-drying process has become quicker than usual and my hair looks a lot fluffier. It’s not a vast difference but you’ll have to try it out yourself to fully understand and experience it!

3. How was your experience using the Philips Sense IQ Straightener?

Personally, I don’t use straighteners often as I prefer to use hair curlers because my hair is naturally straight so it's much easier to use one. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try to curl my hair using the straightener and… ta-da!

Honestly, I am impressed with the finished look & texture of my hair because my hair would normally look slightly dried out and frizzy but it looks smooth! It could be because the plates contain the Tetra Ionic System which infuses the hair with millions of ions; avoiding frizz by removing the static from your hair.

Albeit that, I do have to say that the straightener is not the most lightweight in the market and the buttons are placed on the side as opposed to the top of the straightener which is not very user-friendly. I noticed that I kept changing the mode of the temperature several times by accident.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be much of an issue if I were to use it for a straightener instead, but to use it with the purpose of curling my hair, these are certain improvements which I personally find would make the product even better and versatile to use.

4. On a Crunch O’ Meter scale of 1-5, how would you rate both the Philips’ SenseIQ Hair Dryer & Straightener?


I would rate the Philips’ SenseIQ Hair Dryer at 4 out of 5. I definitely enjoy using this product and I look forward to the process of drying my hair even more now because it is now much quicker. Another plus point is that the heat personalises and adapts to my hair's temperature which is a major plus point. The only setback is that the price point is more towards the higher end; priced at RM559.

I would rate the Philips’ SenseIQ Straightener 3.5 out of 5 because it is not as compact as the hairdryer and it is rather heavy, which makes it not travel-friendly. That being said, if you were someone who would only need to use it primarily at home, I don’t think this will be a deal-breaker - so, to each their own! To add on, my curls didn't last as long as I expected despite using a higher temperature. The straightener also retails at RM559.

Although I am personally biased towards the hairdryer, all in all, I'm still impressed with both the products and would recommend giving it a try at your nearest retailer to test it out!

Both the Philips SenseIQ Hair Dryer & Straightener are now available at @philips_my e-commerce outlets and all Philips-authorized retailers.

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