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Taking on KL City in 24 Hours with RM240

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

by Rachel Yeoh. |

Pack your bags, a good pair of walking shoes and an open mind because we are about to be tourists in our own country!

Say what?

Yup, it’s time to experience KL City from the eyes of a traveller (but get a whole lot of MyKad discounts while you are at it). Do this solo, with your partner or with friends - just add and subtract as you see fit.

Kuala Lumpur is a very interesting city - architecturally beautiful, culturally diverse and gastronomically exciting, and let’s be honest, it can get pretty hectic. But let’s for once, put our explorer lens on and not view KL as a place where people hustle by day… and by night - and we’ve got you covered, in 24 hours and under a RM240 budget.

Before that here’s a checklist of what you should bring:

  1. A backpack

  2. Water bottle filled with water

  3. Change of clothes x 2

  4. Sandals

  5. Wallet with RM240 inside

  6. Your travelling essentials (toiletries, phone, camera and etc)

Let’s bounce!

DAY 1:

1200 hours

KL Sentral Station

Image: @ivanlogan26 on Instagram

This will be our starting and finishing point. It’s the transportation hub that will connect you to all destinations, local and international. Complete with amenities, you don’t need to worry if… ‘Oops, I forgot to pack my toothbrush,’ because you can just grab one from the convenience stores at the location.

We are not getting on any public transportation just yet because our legs are going to bring us to our first destination: LUNCH

Head out of the station out from NU Sentral and you’ll find yourself at Brickfields. Here, you are able to immerse yourself in the Indian heritage and culture that is the heartbeat of this place.

Image: @lugo.jpg on Instagram

Allow yourself to be distracted by the sights and sounds, window shop the sarees, the bangles and sweet Indian snacks (we suggest banana fritters, masala vadai, urundai and curry puff) as you head towards your lunch at Lawanya Food Corner. It is an 8-minute walk - minus distractions.

Indian snack: Approximately RM5 (don’t buy too much or it might spoil your lunch)

As you walk around, you might fancy getting henna design on your hand. And we would suggest you do to mark the start of your trip!

A simple henna design on your hand: Approximately RM15.

Okay, by this time, you should be quite famished and it is time to hurry on down to satisfying your growling stomach. As you follow the map, you will chance on shaded area at a quiet alley, next to Hotel Classic Inn, with the sign: Lawanya Food Corner.

Total RM’s spent: RM20

1230 hours

You have arrived at your lunch destination.

Image: @ivanlogan26 on Instagram

At any given time, there would be around 20 dishes laid out in claypots from you to choose from (economy rice style). They are famous for their vegetarian dishes and also the chicken varuval.

Depending on what you put on your plate, each meal should cost RM10 or less.

Now that your tummy is filled with the spices of life, it’s time to walk it off. But first, it’s time to call a GRAB to the National Museum (Muzium Negara) and that will cost approximately RM5.

Total RM’s spent: RM20 + RM15 = RM35

1330 Hours

Image: @komarjohari on Instagram

Before you step into the blue mosaic floors of the museum, you’d like to take the opportunity to photograph the architecture of the building. It showcases a blend of traditional and contemporary designs. After that, purchase your tickets to enter.

National Museum Entry Ticket - RM2

Image: @nainnain_ on Instagram

History buffs, interest yourselves in four galleries dedicated to Malaysia’s early history, the Malay Kingdoms, colonial days and modern day Malaysia. Depending on when you visit, there are also temporary themed exhibitions located at the Central Court.

After you’ve got your dose of air-conditioning, it’s time to check in to your hostel for the night.

Take the Muzium Negara MRT to Pasar Seni MRT, that will cost you RM1.20.

Total RM’s spent: RM35 + RM3.20 = RM38.20

1500 Hours

When you alight Pasar Seni MRT, you’ll find yourself in KL’s very own Chinatown.

Image: @mingle_hostel on Instagram

It is also time to check in. We recommend booking a good hostel at Booking.com as there are a variety of rooms and dorms that you can choose from. In this itinerary, we are going with a capsule room located at Jalan Sultan in Chinatown called Mingle@Chinatown.

Time to put down your bag, freshen up and lie down on the bed just for a moment before you head on to your next adventure.

Room for the night: RM70

Total RM’s spent: RM38.20 + RM70 = RM108.20 (estimated)

1600 Hours

It’s time to head out. But first, let’s scour through Central Market for a light snack. After all, it is tea time!

Using the map, head back to the Pasar Seni MRT station and you’ll see a sky blue building with the name Central Market.

Image: @nearbyescape on Instagram

The snacks you can get here is as diverse as the city. There is muar chee (sticky deformed rice cake coated with crushed peanuts), ais kacang (shaved ice with red beans and jelly topped with syrup), putu bambu (hot rice rolls) and more to choose from.

Image: @simon.si.thean.coy on Instagram

You can choose to eat all of them, but we suggest picking one - it’s only for tea time after all.

Tea-time snack budget: RM10

Now sugar high, it’s time to take down the big boys, the Petronas Twin Towers (if you did not take a picture of the twin towers when you are in KL, are you even in KL?).

Hop on the Pasar Seni LRT to KLCC LRT Station, the Kelana Jaya line for a quick ride to see the iconic twins.

Pasar Seni LRT to KLCC LRT : RM2.10

Total RM’s spent: RM108.20 + RM12.10 = RM120.30

1700 Hours

Now that you are in KLCC, take some time to stroll along the KLCC Park. Just exit the LRT station and follow the underground passageway until you reach Maybank and you’ll be able to spot an escalator to take you up to the entrance of KLCC Park.

Take pictures of the fountains and admire the flora that surrounds you despite being in the concrete jungle.

Image: 24ash_20 on Instagram

Watch KL city from above by purchasing a ticket to the observatory deck at Petronas Twin Towers. Purchase your entrance tickets at KLOOK at only RM42. The ticket is inclusive of entrance tickets to the twin towers, Sky Bridge on the 41st and 42nd floor and the observation deck on the 86th floor.

Image: @siham.sherif on Instagram

Do not be in a hurry to leave because you would want to catch the sunset at one of the highest observation decks in the world. After that, hold a little longer to see the city light up.

It’s going to be truly magical!

Total RM’s spent: RM120.30 + RM42 = RM162.30

1930 Hours

After your eyes have feasted on the gorgeous cityscape, it's time to feast on food. Back on the ground again, hit the KLCC-Bukit Bintang Walkway to Pavilion.

Image: @heymissjenn on Instagram

You can choose to spend some time at Pavilion to do a little shopping but when the stomach start growling, we’d say you keep walking till you reach the food.

Head out through the Pavilion Crystal Fountain and walk towards Lot 10, along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Just before you reach the traffic light junction, there is a red entrance to Hutong (non-halal option) that sells a variety of good street food.

A selection of halal Japanese dining is located upstairs at J’s Gate Dining.

Unlike the other food places recommended, the food here is a little bit more ‘atas’ and hence the price is a little more ‘atas’. But hey, let’s splurge just a little shall we?

Budget for ‘atas’ dinner: RM25

After dinner, you can choose to window shop or take in the energy emanating from the throngs of people going to and fro.

Total RM’s spent: RM162.30 + RM25 = RM187.30

2200 Hours

It’s time to head back after a long day - but not without supper.

Following the map, walk towards Jalan Alor for more street food. BBQ chicken wings, satay and other deep fried yummies will make your mouth water.

Image: @sgr515 on Instagram

Following the map, walk towards Jalan Alor for more street food. BBQ chicken wings, satay and other deep fried yummies will make your mouth water.

Don’t hesitate to stash a few goodies to accompany your walk back to your hostel.

Supper budget: RM12

Total RM’s spent: RM187.30 + RM12 = RM199.30

2300 Hours

Back in the hostel, it’s time to hit the sack and snooze!

DAY 2:

0600 Hours


Because we are limited to only 24 hours, we’ve got to make the most of it - by catching the sunrise. So get cleaned and get dressed because breakfast has got to wait for a bit.

0700 Hours

GRAB to Thean Hou Temple that is located approximately 5 minutes away. Entrance is free so just take the stairs up to the sixth leven and wait with camera in hand (or with a tripod if you are looking to take time lapse).

Image: @alvinapinot on Instagram

The temple is built on a small hilltop just outside the centre of the city and hence, you can capture a different view of the city from here - plus the rising sun!

GRAB ride Thean Hou Temple: RM6

Total RM’s spent: RM199.30 + RM6 = RM205.30

0830 Hours

Before heading back to the hostel, we could still squeeze in a little trip to experience the rainforest - in the city.

With the handy GRAB app, head to KL Forest Eco Park (also known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve).

GRAB ride to KL Forest Eco Park: RM8

Image: @floplirojoal on Instagram

Entrance is free and you can enjoy the beauty of nature and unadulterated fresh air (in the city - which is rare) present in mornings. Head up to the canopy walk or take on one of the nature trails.

When you have absorbed all that zen, and your stomach is probably the only part of the body that is not zen, then you know it’s time to head back to the hostel for breakfast.

GRAB ride back to hostel at Chinatown: RM6

Total RM’s spent: RM205.30 + RM14 = RM219.30

1000 Hours

With all that walking, it is safe to say that all the excessive eating done the day before has been brought to a balance - because it’s time to replenish the empty tank. Time to devour breakfast before packing and checking out.

Image: @foongpc on Instagram

Breakfast is free, but if you’d a little ‘extra-extra’ you can order a smoothie bowl at RM17.

Do take this time to reflect on the journey and if your view of KL city has changed after playing tourist for the past (almost) 24 hours.

Total RM’s spent: RM219.30 + RM17 = RM236.30

1130 Hours

It’s time to check out and bid goodbye to friends have made (if you are not being being introverted) and good memories of this short travel stint.

Walk towards Pasar Seni LRT and head towards KL Sentral to complete the journey.

Pasar Seni LRT to KL Sentral (Kelana Jaya Line): RM1.30

Total RM’s spent: RM236.30 + RM1.30 = RM 237.60

1200 Hours

End journey at KL Sentral.

That is all we have for our 24 hours on a budget stint. If you’d like other versions of it, do let us know in the comments below and we can start charting another itinerary for you!

But for now, selamat jalan.

You can find out more about Rachel on Instagram too.

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