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Super Fun and Unique Date Ideas That Won't Cost a Lot in Klang Valley

by Fei Feisal. |

To the boyfriends and girlfriends out there! Rejoice! As you are one step closer to becoming The Partner of the Year Award. Why? As you keep complaining about the struggle to find new and exciting places to go on dates or a unique place to spend your partner's birthday, here are a few places you could check out without burning a hole through your wallet.

How do you ask? Let's get down to it:

1. Nature Date

Scroll away if your girlfriend hates mosquitos because this involves walking into the woods. But if you are a sucker for nature vibes, this is made just for you. Did you know Kuala Lumpur is packed with hidden nature gems and treasures?

If you dont have the time or money to go for somewhere far, turn on your engine and start driving for 20 minutes max. The activities that you can do is endless! Hiking, mountain climbing, nature walk, and even a date by the rivers and waterfall. All in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. And each of these places cost almost to none!

Still can't believe it? Check these places out!

1) Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur

Located right at the Bukit Nenas Monorail Station or Dang Wangi LRT Station, this Instagram-worthy nature wonder is free admission! You can go for a hike, camping, and picnic too. But the most special part of this place is the canopy walk. The view is super breathtaking, not to mention your upcoming Instagram feeds that'll fill with the greenery awesomeness. Don't forget to charge your phone so you won't miss snapping some pictures of your date!

Image: @debbmar on Instagram

2) Forest Research Institute Malaysia, FRIM, Kepong

One of my favorite place ever! If you crave for some greenery, this is where you should go to. The breezy weather, the crisp air, and not to mention the cool waterfall! Located strategically at FRIM, Kepong, this forest is packed with activities that you can do with your date. The admission is also free and parking lots are also provided.

Trust me when I say you can't have enough with this place.

There's the shallow river, a higher waterfall that you have to hike just a bit to reach, an immense amount of walkways for joggings and cycling, and there's also a traditional attraction with old traditional houses called Rumah Terengganu and Rumah Melaka. I swear you'll be blown away by what this hidden place could offer. Call your girlfriend and set the date now!

2. Picnic Date

Ok what so unique about picnic date? You just sit in the heat and eat and then what? Ok, hear me out first! Picnic by the lake, while having small fun activities in between. Some rom-com from Netflix, may I suggest the Holy Grail of rom-com, '13 Going On 30' and '27 Dresses'. Classic! You only need a fully charged laptop and internet. You can also download the movie first at home so you dont have to go through a buffering movie that will definitely bore your date.

Or even having a painting, coloring or drawing activities. All you need is blank paper or drawing block, watercolor from the kedai dua ringgit, and some brushes and pencils. Bring out your inner Picasso to impress the lady. Hold on, you dont like drawing or painting? What about bringing games to your picnic. Like chess, checkers board, puzzle, or a knock off monopoly, Jutaria! And everything is absolutely less than RM10 at your local bookstore.

Now to do all of this you need a good place with good shade to enjoy the time. Not under the sun’s streak where you girl’s makeup is melting away and bugs keep landing on you. So where should you go?

Botanical Garden FRIM, Kepong

Located right in the middle of the FRIM forest, this hidden gem is out of this world! Trust me, when I first discovered this place, I am speechless. The entryway reminds me of a garden in Japan, and the rest is just, heavenly. There's a huge lake, a lots of chairs with shady trees, romantic garden trellis walkway that is filled with crawling red rooted ivy bushes and white bougainvillea flowers, a big wooden platform facing the lake, a lotus pond and also beautiful greenhouse where you can have a look at plants and flowers and how FRIM incorporate them in the garden.

Image: @fatennuraing on Instagram

There's a lot of areas where you can choose to set you picnic mat and have it away with your partner. And is absolutely Instagram-worthy. Oh! The admission fee? Free!

3. Museum or Art Gallery Date

Booooring. All of the museums are the same. The fees are overpriced for you to stare at some dusty historical statue.

Now hold your horses! Says who?

Did you know that Bank Negara has a museum and art gallery that showcases the Central Bank of Malaysian and Southeast Asian art since 1962? Even though it still exhibits traditional and vintage arts, the installations and the features of the architecture are modern contemporary and is so elegantly sleek.

Image: @ezraaaa on Instagram

The admission is, you guessed it, free! But what if you're feeling like a coffee session after that amazing arts browsing? Bank Negara got your back with the museum cafe. You can also find ATM facilities, cashless payment card machines, personal lockers and prayer rooms for Muslims. What else do you need? Oh, you need a date. Pronto!

4. Extreme Sports/Adventure Date

Okay...listen, this is definitely my favourite date idea. You can really learn a lot about your partner when you play sports with each other or together to test if they are a great team player or not. Wall climbing, baseball batting cage, escape room, haunted house? Heck yeah!

1) It’s A Hit Baseball Batting Cage, One Utama Mall

This cheap date idea will definitely bring more fun because if you are a baseball player, you can show your skill to your partner. Do you know what I'm saying? Teach her the move, or just simply have a fun geeky competition with each other. With RM6 per token, you get to hit 15 balls. It is super fun, cheap and definitely will win your girl's heart. Unless you embarrassed yourself by getting hit on the face by the ball.

Image: @aqilahlala on Instagram

2) Thriller Dates

If the both of you love horror movies, solving mysteries and might find a thrill being chase by a masked serial killer, these places below would definitely be up your alley! Although these haunted/adventure rooms are more on the pricier side, you'll find it worth it at the end of it all because of the thrill.

3) Wall Climbing, Putrajaya Challenge Park PCP

What better way to lose some calories, than climbing together at PCP? Located at the heart of Putrajaya, this wall climbing is sure a fill with fun and challenges. With the fee of RM6 per person, you just got yourself a really low-cost date, sweet times with your partner, and 400 calories lighter at the end of the day!

There you have it! In fact, these places and ideas aren't only great to go on dates but with a group of friends too. Plus, these places could also be great for your next company team building spot. They cater to large groups of people or if it's just the two of you.

Enjoy yourself and have a good time!

You may find out more about Feizrina on her Instagram as well.

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