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Simple Strength Exercises That You Can Do At Home

by Beatrix Kang. |

When we think about strength exercises, we often think about lifting weights or using some complex gym equipment. This perception is often associated with the idea that strength-building requires some high amount of investment, may it be time or money. However, the concept of strength exercises is based on creating resistance to the muscles in your body. Due to this, there is still a wide selection of activities that can be done at home to increase your overall quality of life.

1. Body Weight Exercises

Lifting weights is a good way to build resistance in your muscles, but did you know bodyweight exercises are also a good alternative if you have yet to invest in weights? These exercises focus on using the weight of your body and its’ resistance to gravity to build strength.

a) Planks

You can start off with some classics to build strength in different regions of the body. For example, for ab strength, you can try the classic plank, which is an exercise that requires you to hold yourself on your forearms for a certain amount of time. To build strength in your obliques, or better known as the sides of your abdomen, you can try the side plank, in which you turn to one side and hold yourself on one forearm instead of two.

b) Lunges

Besides that, to target the legs and butt, you can try lunges, in which you take a step back and create a ninety-degree angle with your front knee before switching legs. A classic squat is also a good way to build muscle density in your legs and butt because by moving your body in a way that it resists gravity, it can

c) Tricep dips

For arms, try tricep dips! All you need is a chair or surface that is about the height of your knee from the ground. You start out by standing in front of the chair, legs shoulder-width apart. Then, bend down and put your arms on the seat of the chair behind you and bend your knees. The top of your thighs should not go over your knees when you do this, and your legs should be about ninety degrees. You can also try a classic push up.

The key to bodyweight workouts is that you have to do them correctly and almost slowly, especially in ways that do not harm yourself. So, constantly check your form as you are doing these exercises, preferably with a mirror or any other reflective surfaces you have around you, or get a friend or family member to help you.

2. Plyometrics

Source: Daily Burn

Plyometric exercises are an extension of bodyweight exercises, in which you still continue using bodyweight to create a resistance to gravity, but now, you are adding more dynamics to your movement, which will build power and speed through your exercises. Plyometrics adds an element of cardio to your regular bodyweight exercises, so you can also burn some fat while building strength!

For example, instead of just statically holding yourself on your forearms during a plank, add a jump in and out with your legs to create a jumping plank. Besides that, you can also add jumps to your squats and lunges, as long as you make sure your thighs do not exceed your knees when you jump too, as that might hurt yourself. Plyometrics is also a good time to add hand weights to your exercises, as the dynamic motion can make it easier to handle weights.

3. Putting It All Together

The best and most straightforward strength exercise routine is one that you can do consistently. So, firstly, choose exercises that you can foresee yourself doing for a long amount of time without feeling too overwhelmed by its complexity. Next, set several reps or time that you can do consistently. Reps are the number of repetitions per exercise that you can do, and the time is how much time you spend doing that one exercise. For example, 20 reps of push-ups mean doing a push up 20 times, and 1 minute of push-ups means doing push-ups for a minute long. Thirdly, set the number of rounds you want to do the sequence of exercises for. For example, you will do 20 reps of push-ups, 20 reps of squats and 20 reps of sit-ups three times. Finally, the most important part is doing the workouts. If you think you can only dedicate one day a week to working out, it does not matter, as long as you do it every week.

You can also find some suggested home workout routines online at DareBee, or follow some free workout templates or videos from fitness gurus like Blogilates, Chloe Ting or Fitness Blender on Youtube.

Strength is something we can easily take for granted due to our low need for strength on physical tasks on a daily basis. However, it is something that we should maintain, especially as we age, to ensure we are agile as we go through our daily lives whilst increasing our quality of life. That being said, building strength is something that must be sustainable for you, so do not pressure yourself too much to be strong too quickly. Keep putting in the work to continually improve. Stay healthy and happy!

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