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Social Media: The Power to Empower

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

In this age of social media and technology, it has become easier now more than ever to share our thoughts. It is because of this that today's generation has more say in their futures than those that came before them. The most startling example of which was during the GE14, when youths banded together on Facebook with the aim of aiding overseas Malaysians to vote for the elections.

The result of this initiative was one that made ground-breaking history. Malaysians the world over were proud to witness the grand scale unity that our country is so famous for.

This is just one of the mere examples of how much power our current generation has in terms of shaping our future. Social media is just one of the many platforms one can use to share and engage in constructive thinking.

But for those who wish to take things a step further by learning how to empower change, the Gandhi Memorial ASEAN Debate Competition 2018 might well be the perfect venue for it.

What is it?

Held to commemorate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the Gandhi Memorial ASEAN Debate Competition is hosted annually on the 2nd of October, and in past iterations, the Competition hosted teams from Malaysian institutes of higher education.

This year, the Competition takes an ambitious leap forward by opening their doors to institutes of higher education across ASEAN- and will have the entire debate livestreamed on The ASEAN Post.

As before, the Competition aims to be the platform for the youth to be heard and gives its participants the chance to appreciate their influence in the world around them.

According to Competition Administrator, Hannah Nasir, this Competition is the perfect platform for Millennials to prove their chops as future leaders.

"We're smarter than most people give us credit for," she says. "Because of the huge library of information at our fingertips, we're the generation most sensitive to changes happening around us. Social media helps us express this, and the Competition is basically social media realised. Through this Competition, participants have the opportunity to share their opinions with a panel of experts. Each team is given ample opportunity to research the motions, so you can be sure the debates will be quality ones."

The Competition is supported by the ZICO Group, Malaysian Institute of Debate and Public Speaking, The ASEAN Post, The Asian International Arbitration Centre, Little Caterers, Samuel Seow Law Corporation, and, of course Nuffnang.

If you are interested to physically attend or simply learn more about the Competition, please contact the Competition Administrator through the following email: noor.hannah@zicoholdings.com.

You can check out the livestream on

The ASEAN Post

Written by Crunch's Melissa Kartini

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