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Simple Yet Fun Party Ideas You Can Throw At Home

by Lavanya Patrick. |

Throwing a party is a fun way to get all your friends and family together to spend quality time together. However, there are times when you just do not have the budget or time to travel somewhere else to have a good time. Do not worry, that does not have to stop you from having a good time because there are various ways you could throw a great party in your own house and it's just as fun as having a good time outside if not better.

Throwing a party in the comfort of your own home means you would not have to waste lots of money or travel too far. Below are a few simple yet fun party ideas you can throw at home.

Indoor Camping Party

This is one of the coolest and my most favourite idea for an indoor party. Some of us are not fond of the idea of going out and setting camp as there are so many things to worry about. Let's face it some of us aren't as adventurous as others. I've thrown little camping parties at home and what I've realised is that there is no right way to do it and just have fun with it as you're putting it together.

You do not have to buy fancy tents or new sheets as you could improvise with anything you have at home and just make it work. Make your camp zone comfortable using as many pillows, blankets and bed sheets you have. If you have fairy lights to hang around, that would make your room look super cute but you can also use a few torch lights too. There is no perfect way in setting this camp up, make it as authentic as you can.

As for snacks I usually prefer finger foods and you need s'mores for your indoor camping party. The easiest way to make these at home is to get your crackers and layer them with a marshmallow and chocolate, place it in the oven for about 25-30seconds until the marshmallows poof up, add a cracker on the top if you like or eat it as it is, it's entirely up to you.

Spa Day Party

This party idea is perfect for those of you in need of some extra self-love. You could either make your masks or buy some from the store. Whatever suits you.

Set up your spa area using a table and tablecloth then lay all your essentials on top. These may include your nail polish, nail files, face masks, moisturizers and whatever else you think you may need for your spa day party.

Also, get a few bottles of champagne, wine, sparkling water or whatever drink you may need to refresh yourself as you enjoy your relaxing day. Another idea would be to prepare a few sandwiches, cupcakes or any kind of snack that you could enjoy with your friends or family. You could also choose to enjoy your spa day while watching a movie or just chilling out to your favourite tunes as you catch up with each other's lives.

Movie Night Themed Party

Instead of just gathering your loved ones to watch a movie why not have a party with the theme of the movie you're watching. It's a fun way to spend time together. You all get to dress up, decorate a spot and even make food based on the movie you're watching. This is a really fun yet simple party idea.

There are so many ways to make this movie night theme party a blast. My favourite movie night themes include Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Space Jam, Black Swan, Aladdin, Kill Bill and Up but you could pick any movie that you will enjoy watching.

Also if you're scared of watching a horror movie alone this movie night theme party will be the best time to watch a scary movie as you're likely to feel less scared with so many people around. Also, since you're dressed up as the ghost from the movie you're watching it will seem less scary too.

Art Themed Party

Instead of just sitting around with your friends and family while talking why not create art together while you bond? There are so many ways you could do this and it's a party that will make everyone feel included. Think of the art project you would all want to create together, prepare the drinks and snacks and you're all set.

Do keep in mind that you do not have to be an artistic genius to have this party because even with basic skills you'll be able to put this party together. Even the little kids will have fun with this party as they can get their hands messy and colourful. My favourite art-themed party ideas include finger painting, creating a collage and making paper mache art.

There are also many other forms of art such as stitching, sketching and even jewellery making. It's entirely up to you on what sort of art-themed party you would want to throw. This party idea is fun, simple and also ensures that you have a productive day.

Game Night

Okay, I am sure most of you are familiar with this idea but I bet some of you may have forgotten about it. Well, game night is something me and my family used to host when I was a kid. It gets everyone involved as the games we picked was fun for both adults and kids.

My top picks for the game night would be charades, twister, cards against humanity and board games. The reason why I think game night is a great party idea is that you get everyone in the same room playing and having fun together plus it keeps everyone occupied. Mostly nobody will be left feeling bored during game night.

So hopefully this inspires you guys to host a few parties of your own at home. I am sure that you'll be able to make your loved ones happy by putting together a fun get together that will make everyone feel included. Throwing a party is the easiest way to lift moods and it ensures everyone will be having a good time while bonding with each other.

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