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Simple Ways You Could Do To Give Back To The Less Fortunate

by Nadhirah Jamil. |

Be generous, they said. But, how much generosity would you give? Would you donate a large amount of money? Or would you prefer to volunteer? Whichever your answer is, it doesn't matter because as long as you lend your help to those in needs, and that's important enough.

Many could barely even afford a meal in a day, don't have a proper home or even shelter, having to work multiple jobs just to earn more or resort to begging because of their disabilities. This isn't something that they deserve and while we are able to live comfortably, it wouldn't be of any harm to help one another out.

We have to admit that we would sometimes give a million and one excuses and never actually end up volunteering or helping out because "It's inconvenient" or "I don't have the time". So here are a few simple ways you can help out those who are less fortunate:

1. Organise a charity sale

The event doesn't need to be a massive one, it can be as simple as a car boot sales or markets are one of the effective ways to help the less fortunate. Set your goals to generate all the sales to a charity organization and be consistent. Even if you don't gain a small profit, trust us, it'll still be worth it. These charity organizations can use your donation to provide a better sanctuary and provide basic necessities to the community.

Image: Sunway Mentari Car Boot Sale

Here is a list of locations that organises car boot sales on a regular basis. You would just need to pay the rental fee which doesn't cost a lot.

2. Volunteer

Try volunteering once, you'll definitely feel a lot better as you get to contribute your time to alleviate the burden of the less fortunate. Here are a few things you can volunteer to; Serve meals to the homeless, provide support to patients in hospitals and provide assistance at nursing homes or orphanages. These small gestures will make you feel more compassionate and empathetic towards them. Although volunteering is free, the contribution you made to society worth millions!

Volunteers from Feeding the Needy - Tidja Nurain and her friend.

If you do not know where to start, there are volunteer groups that feed the homeless, and you can join their initiatives, such as Street Feeders and Feeding The Needy (FTN).

3. Donate basic necessities

If you don't have time to participate in any volunteering activities, that's okay. As an alternative, you can buy or donate basic necessities to the less fortunate. For instance, groceries, as they are perishables. Sugar, rice, salt, cooking oil, just to name a few are the list of must-have products in every household. You can send anything you want to donate at any distribution centres and they will sort out everything from there. It's really that simple.

Here is a list of charities and NGOs you can choose to donate.

Image: Happy Zero Trash

As another alternative, if you're in Klang Valley - chances are you have also seen these large donation boxes while driving around town. You could also donate your used apparels, toys, bedding and it's really easy as you can just drop it off whenever you like.

There are a few charities/NGOs which have these donation boxes around like Community Recycle Charity (CRC) and MAKNA.

4. Donate blood

Another simple way you could help out is as simple as donating your blood as well. If you are in a pink of health with no history of chronic disease, then this is your chance to donate your blood. You could save others by donating even a small ounce of blood. Don't be afraid of needles and blood, overcome your fears and start thinking about those in needs. The benefits of donating blood other than helping people include to receive free outpatient treatment, Hepatitis B vaccination with no charges and other hospitalization benefits. While you are at it, encourage your family and friends to donate blood as well!

Image: Vision Life College

You can check out the general Do's & Don'ts to see if you're eligible to donate your blood too.

If you wish or considering to donate your blood, you may check out the National Blood Bank's event calendar to see if they will be having a drive nearby or convenient to you.

In conclusion, there are plenty of other ways you could do to help the less fortunate. To top it off, you could also start by participating in social community services first, then make your way towards other charitable activities. Through these methods, you can network with a lot of people that come from different backgrounds and social status. In the end, we are just humans trying to build a better world for a better future.

Take these opportunities to be generous and be selfless towards others. Let's do it, together!

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